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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Big Canvas, Phase 2

So...haven't arted properly all week, and now I have a whole weekend to do as I please. Grab BIG canvas and carry on.
This is where I left it last, and looking at it now it felt a bit..."twee" and "Contrived" and "disjointed" fact, it still felt like a blank canvas....:S
It was supposed to be a piece to hang in the family room, about family, but it was only about me.
My 13 year old was proudly showing his dad a pile of maths papers he had brought home from school(he loves math). So, remembering how Tee Thompson had used her kids homework for a base layer in her art, I scrounged some(it was a big pile, the rest is now safely stored/stashed in his room)
...and I covered "me" up with "him", including his revised timetable... 

and one piece showing how he writes his name on the back of every sheet, usually accompanied by a doodle of some sort(angry face)

Next I went back to the original inspiration for making a BIG canvas, Virginia
She had started he canvas by getting her family to write on it with her, then cover it with handprints :D

There are 4 of us(3 of them, 1 of me), and a few years ago Zac drew a picture of us all in different colours. He said we each represented a different element(he's into stuff like Last Airbender and Naruto). He found this helped him cope with our different personalities.
Yellow = air = thinker = big brother
Green(I substituted brown) = earth = worker = dad
Blue = water = healer = mum
Red = fire = uncontrolled energy = him
So I got them to make the handprints in their colours, and surprisingly we all have very similar sized hands (though the thinker is away at uni still, so I did his :D)
While I was drying the paint I noticed several heart-shaped prints, made by my hubbies hand (the pad at the base of thumb)
So this is my 14th heart for my 31 Hearts for July collection :D
Paint should be dry now so I is off to play some more!
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. beautiful, and under it all is YOU


    1. Wait til you see the next post... I love what it turned into :D

  2. What a heartfelt piece of art. I love it when the mind can help the hand show exactly what it feels and sees. It's a wonderful thing to experience.

    I feel elated after having seen exactly what you wanted to portray. It makes me feel like I'm in a amazing secret ;-)

  3. Yes, delicious paint, I like this face and colors. Greetings.

  4. Can't wait to see next post! I love what you are doing though - and in a way - you under everthing is very symbolic don't you think? Looking after everything and everyone, but for the most part at this time in your life, no one knows you are there. LOVE IT GINA! Blogging a little - hoping to be feeling well enough to get back at it soon. Thanks for all your visits and your comments. <3

  5. Loving your canvas Gina and love the handprint one too, what a great family piece to have. Also isnt it great to have your hubbies print to include a heart ? think thats amazing. You are just such a creative person and I love how you share

  6. Fabulous canvas :) A lovely tiny little heart.

  7. Gina, this is amazing!!! So touching! Look at your hubby's beautiful heart! I really love this!

  8. Gina!! What a fabulous idea. And so many memories in the layers as well. Everyone there and represented. Brings tears to my mama's heart. And because I am working backwards and I have seen what it becomes...Glorious. Just heartfelt gloriousness.

  9. Oh Gina this is gorgeous, I did a double take when you mentioned me, then thought perhaps you knew another Virginia - but no it's me! I loved the original artwork but I also 'get' why you are trying to create a family piece and so understand why you added the new layers, I'm loving that you've used the homework as the base completely genius, also loving that the handprints represent the different elements and personalities that make up your family - can't wait to see how this develops!

  10. I really love this idea - layers of family to make one big gorgeous canvas - beautiful artwork Gina :)