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Friday, 13 July 2012

I like Boobies!!

Last week I got a message from Stacy AKA Magic Love Crow, saying I had won a "boobie prize" in her recent give away...
She sent me 2 original Crow ACEOs she had made during the Goddess challenge hosted by Timeless Rituals earlier this year
This pic does not do justice to the vibrant detail of her work(forgot to take them out of plastic sleeves), the sky on the top one has the most stunning storminess about it :D
Thank you Stacy, they are gorgeous!!!
and to illustrate my pleasure ..."Hearts filled with Joy" 13th piece for 31 Hearts for July
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Lucky you!! They look gorgeous. And I am happy for your joy-filled heart as well.

  2. Lol! I like your boobie prize, too! :) Love the heart balloons. :)

  3. Magnifico AKA Stacy gift. I like your hearts today.

  4. boobies are goooood,

    thank you for your comment - 'tis nerve wracking - that old - 'who do you think your are? - no one will want them' voice ' ha ha never the less I did it....


  5. You are sooooooooooo welcome my precious friend! I have taken pictures of my journal and will be posting them soon ;o) I am still crying and dancing ;o)

  6. I forgot to say, I love your hearts filled with joy ;o)

  7. Boobies are awesome, particularly when they are shown together with hearts ;-)

    Congrats! You know how much I love Stacy's work, so I'll tray not to be too jealous!

  8. Both are beautiful, enjoy! Valerie

  9. Great paintings, your crows are fab.

  10. Gina you are one of the people I have missed so much while being away from blogging, love your boobies & your JOYful posts :)

  11. You lured me in with the title...heehee!
    What's not to love :)