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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Reclaiming my garden...

Yes folks...this is where i will be til the sun goes in again this pm :D
That is supposed to be my veggie patch, but everything got hammered pretty early on so I let the flowering plants take over. That way there would be a continuous supply of food for the Bees should they survive the downpours... 

and they have :D
Today I have bees and butterflies busy in the garden (I even managed to get a Rowan tree planted on the boundary!!!

(Small bee with bags full of pollen from the cornflowers)
No arting for the last couple of days (sick kids and sunshine...what drives you out of the house???)
I do have a 12th Heart for my 31 Hearts in July though..

This is a piece of Moldavite Crystal...I bought it many years ago when it was quite difficult to get hold of...I think I paid £17 for this tiny fragment...but I saw the heart shape in it immediately and knew it was "my piece"
The link takes you to a site that explains it's uses (it is linked to the Heart Chakra), and is an amazing translucent olive green when held up to the light.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Love the natural look of your garden - I love to see the butterflies and bees in summer.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. Great heart too!

  2. No chance of being in the garden here today...even if I was not at work! Your garden looks delightful it's nice to mix up the veggies with the flowers.
    xoxo Sioux

  3. Oh wow what a huge garden! Hope you got some work done. I too am a lover of moldavite such an unusual crystal! Love it!

  4. Love learning new information, and how special to find a heart one. I need to get into my garden as well...I just avert my eyes.

    I hope the sick kids are better, and that you still have sun...:)

  5. I love your garden I love wild! More water for your garden Gina!
    This year I am giving myself a break from the pots on my roof garden. It is a shame there will no food from them but it will give me more time to do my art.

    1. just stick some herbs in til your ready for them again :D

  6. Great garden Gina ;o) I love to garden with the bees and butterflies around me ;o) I am sorry for the sick kids! I have never heard of Moldavite Crystal! Thanks for sharing the information! I love yours! How special! Hugs ;o)

  7. So wierd to think you've had so much rain, we've had none and everything is starting to turn brown. Very interesting crystal, i had never heard of it. Does it work for you as the link says?

    1. I have to admit, that after buying this piece my confidence in my own abilities has grown immensely. I have always had "abilities", but I never used them much for fear of ridicule. I believe this crystal helped me focus and accept my guides (I'm a very independant soul lol) :D