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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lady Ophelia's wedding day blues.

Week 31 of Darcy's postcard challenge, and Ophelia is in Denmark, unable to attend her friend Lillian's wedding.

This image is made up of watercolours around a cut-out image of a wedding dress from 1895. Lillian considered white inappropriate for a woman of her age(43)

The national flower of Denmark is the Marguerite Daisy

" My dearest Lillian,
Copenhagen is such a beautiful city, so historic, yet with an eye to the future. Miss Francesca took a couple of days off to visit an old friend, a Miss Charlotte Norrie. Miss Norrie is helping her mother to organise a Nurses training school, and they have already opened a sanatorium especially for children. Miss Norrie's entire family are renowned for their good works. At present they are holding a seminar on Philanthropy and Hygiene, at something called a KVINDERNES UDSTILLING here in Copenhagen. Richard says it is an exhibition designed to further the endeavours of women in the world of work. The Norries are even hoping to open a college for women engineers within the next 12 months!
I felt so sad not to be able to attend your wedding last week. Richard arranged a lovely evening for us, we even had champagne to toast you both, but it wasn't the same. I took a stroll in the garden of the house we are staying in, just to feel nearer to you. Richard caught me crying. He told me it was just being pregnant that was making me so emotional. He is probably right, but it is the first time I have truly missed being at home.
Yours affectionately, Ophelia xxx"

Lillian has not written back this week, as Ophelia's father has surprised the happy couple with a weeks holiday in a swanky new hotel at Whitby.

On my page this week; a photo of Charlotte Norrie, Copenhagen 1895, and the painting "Marie in the Garden" by Danish painter Peder Severin Kroyer 1895

Card on page. The flowers look a bit sad this week...just like Ophelia.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Beautiful postcard and picture of Miss Lillian. Lovely story and artwork. I do enjoy reading all the instalments.

    Janet xx

  2. I love the artwork and images...and your story is developing beautifully...:)
    Hugs xx

  3. ah now this I love, since watercolours and Margueritas are two ( three is we count drinks and flowers) of my fav things, looking forward to a week weds,

    check out dina wakleys out of the journal challenge - you might like it...


  4. It is a beautiful card this week, always enjoy reading your post, your story is so good.x

  5. Your post card is yum and I love Whitby ;0)

  6. Lillian looks very pretty in her wedding dress ;o) Great story and I love the images ;o)

  7. Nice job again with the botanical card! The story line is great read as well.

  8. It's a wonderful creation. Lillian looks beautiful.

  9. Lovely card, Sorry she missed the wedding! But I hope you will not miss the J & S wedding this week! Sorry I am late visiting, been feeling rather fuzzy this week....Valerie

  10. Lillian looks beautiful in her dress, sad that Ophelia could not be there. Love your story and art work.
    Jen x

  11. lovely daisies, so simple but def one of my fave flowers. I love the portrait you did of Miss Lillian. ooo whitby...they could have come to visit me lol