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Friday, 3 August 2012

Papillon Faerie, opening my mind...

When I first started blogging I was drawn to collage work by a blog called Mind Wide Open. They closed their challenge last year, but now they are back!!!!
Their challenge each month is to create using a given image...
I cropped and printed the little girl image onto iron-on transfer paper, along with a pair of wings from a Dezinaworld collage sheet.

Images cut out...

and ironed onto lining fabric.

Next I separated the images on double thickness of fabric...

and stitched around the images...

with right sides turned inwards.

Leaving a gap so they can be turned right side out :D

Then it was a simple matter of stuffing with wadding, sealing openings and stitching wings in place...

I added a piece of braid to hang her from, and I think I shall be adding danglies  :D
Enjoy :D XXX

(bit behind this week so postcard will be late sorry)


  1. Oh Gina this is very clever and yummy to xx

  2. She is gorgeous Gina,beautiful project and I must check out that challenge when i have my pc back lol. Thanks for the mention too xxx

  3. I really like how those wings have come out. Hmmm ideas flowing...lavender stuffed ornaments. She is wonderful!!

    That little skeleton creature you send to me is finding his way round my studio. I think we will make him feel at home with some wine tonight! Thank you so much Gina!!!!! We have taken to him and love him very much. I think my kids may steal him so I am going to keep him close to were I sit.

    1. People always assume zombies are horrible...but if you ever watched "Shaun of the dead", you know they make excellent pets :D

  4. You know, the other day Shelle and I were discussing our mutual envy *cough, cough* admiration. Is there anything you can't do? Well, at least I get to claim you ad my friend.

    What a beautiful winged girl. I love her solemnn face.

  5. Oh MY! Most interesting and very pretty. I thought you said you were no good at this stuff -- ha ha! I love her! xoDonna

  6. Oh you did a wonderful job on this. I have never tried anything with fabric because I am so sewing challenged. My skills start and stop at buttons. ;-)

  7. Oh my, I just saw your pretty nails.

  8. What can't you do, Gina? :) This looks absolutely fantastic!

  9. She is so sweet! I love her Gina! Beautiful creation!

  10. So very beautiful. Just fantastic!

  11. Wow! Amazing work Gina...she's beautiful!
    Hugs xx

  12. Wow! What creative and wonderful way to step up to the challenge!
    ....and I agree with Magaly...your nails are gorgeous!

  13. Oooh, so love this, just darling, and i hardly ever use that word!