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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dia del Los Mavis

Well I decided it was time Mabel had a girlfriend to gossip on the shelf with, so please welcome
Now Mavis was totally inspired by this vid from Martha of Ayala it!!! Here's another link up, it is so cool :D
I had a spare skull lying around, as you do, so after watching Martha's VIDEO, I got stuck in...
1st layer...white gesso...

2nd layer...watered down black acrylic...

3rd layer...white and yellow acrylic...

...inside, black acrylic.

Now for the decorations.
I have a box of white paper flowers(cos you never know what colour your going to need)

Selected a few, and coloured them with inks...

PURDY colours ...:D

I also have a box of tiny bouquets ... 

Glued layers together to build mega flowers...

and made Mavis B E A utiful!!!

I gave her a 20's style band and hairdo...but I need table-tennis balls for her eyes(and the manthings hid them all to stop me borrowing them)
Enjoy :D XXX
and watch the VIDEO


  1. Oh wow! That is a fancy skull! Thanks for sharing! :oD

  2. Well hey there Mavis! Isn't she just stylin' with her beautiful flowers. Great job Gina! hugs, Kimberly

  3. Wow! She is pretty! You did make me laugh though with your throwaway..."..I had a spare you do"!!
    Hugs xx

  4. Love her! I've been wanting to try making my own3d Dia de los muetros skulls,I think she's fantastic. I also love the idea of having white flowers to color as needed.

  5. So fantastic, she looks wonderful :)

  6. It's not fair! How come I don't have skulls lying around? I love the flowers. She's going to break some hearts on All Hallow's Eve ;-)

  7. She is so cool! So pretty! Gina, I would love to come over to your house and play! You have such great treasures to create things with ;o)

  8. Very pretty, I love smiling with his head so full of flowers.