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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Lady Ophelia's cunning plan :D

Catching up with Darcy's Postcard Challenge weeks 34 Japan/35 Hungary/36 Egypt

Whilst journeying in south Africa Sir Richard was summoned back to assist the Japanese Ambassador with the ongoing negotiations with the Japan.
Mindful of Lillian's  concerns about taking Ophelia into war zone situations, he has sent his young pregnant wife home for a few weeks, just to be on the safe side. Ophelia reluctantly agreed.
Lillian, meanwhile, is thrilled to have Ophelia back in England even for a short time, and secretly hopes she will remain until after the birth of her child.
(Ophelia relaxes in Lillian's garden, and listens to young Geoffrey practice his reading)

Ophelia, on the other hand, intends to rejoin her doting husband at the first opportunity. So she has set a challenge for her beloved Richard. His "quest" to prove his devotion, as it were, is to continue to send postcards to Lillian. Each one is to depict the national flower of every country he visits without her, hand painted by himself. Ophelia hopes this will encourage him to send for her sooner :D
JAPAN: Yellow Chrysanthemum 
HUNGARY: Red Tulip
EGYPT: Lotus/Water lily
On the back of each card, Sir Richard has simply identified the country and flower. He sends a letter to Ophelia.

"My beloved wife,
Please apologise to your friend Mrs. Harrup for the apparent terseness of my cards to her. I am not used to writing to woman, and the Ladies of the houses I have been staying in were...concerned about a "Gentleman of my status" writing to a married woman. My male associates found great amusement at my expense, as my hands are not used to handling the tiny brush you left for me to use. The Ladies , however, took great delight in trying to educate me in the finer arts of water-colouring. I hope my efforts have not disappointed.
I have missed your cheerful smile... and the smell of roses that fills my room when you are around. If you are feeling up to it, I could send a man to collect you, and escort you and Miss Francesca so you can join me in Greece?
I find myself unable to concentrate on the worries of the political world... I miss you...
I love you.
Richard X"

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Just fantastic, would like to rest there, too.

  2. Ha! Her cunning plan worked!
    Brilliant.....great way to catch up!
    Hugs xx

  3. Brilliant get out! Great postcards as always.

    Janet xx

  4. How fun was that! Great job all around, just love it! :) hugs, Kimberly

  5. yea! super cards yea! for catchup'age

  6. Greece, how exciting! Love all the drawings Gina!

  7. u didn't desert me. i just seemed to have lost my FB and blog friends for a bit. my computer has been wonky lately.

    so? how r u? your work is, as always, amazing. hope all is well. nothing new to report here other than i was feeling deserted - LOL

    hugs :)

  8. You had a good time doing this one, I can tell! great work as usual. xoDonna

  9. awww i love the catch up cards, he must be devoted indeed.