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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lady Ophelia goes "al fresco" !

Week 39 of Darcy's Postcard Challenge-Czech Republic, and Lady Ophelia is visiting Carlsbad in the western provence of Bohemia.
The national "flower" is the Linden Tree aka small leaved Lime tree.
" My dearest Lillian,
You will be pleased to hear we are back in Bohemia, taking the waters at Carlsbad. Miss Francesca convinced me to spend a little time bathing in one of the warm springs...a surprisingly invigorating experience. It has certainly helped to ease the aching in my back.
We took a not too leisurely stroll along the Findlater Stezka, a path layed out at the bequest of a James Ogilvy, 7th Earl of Findlater. It has the most amazing landscaping and points of interest, and the local people have created an obelisk overlooking the valley, to "the friend and beautifier of nature, as a token of gratitude of the citizens of Carlsdad".
Richard is taking us to the theatre this evening, and we are to dine at the theatre's fresco! Miss Francesca says we must take an extra blanket, just in case. She has also suggested we send you a Linden Tree, the flowers of which, can be used to make tea, especially effective in relieving colds and flus. Thinking on last winter, I will purchase several packets of the tea to send you as well. As you have taught me, one can never be too careful.
Your affectionate friend, Ophelia xxx"

" My darling Ophelia,
Yes I am thrilled to hear that you are taking things a little easier. I have often thought I would enjoy visiting Carlsbad myself, as I am intrigued by the history of Earl Findlater's most generous gifts to this and other foreign destinations. I suppose he thought Scotland beautiful enough.
I am not surprised you mentioned that your back is aching, and it was very wise of Miss Francesca to get you to have a little soak. I may not have had any children of my own, but I do know that most women in your condition suffer back aches. Maybe this is a sign that you should at least be thinking of coming home. You have had the most fabulous adventure already this year, and winter is drawing near. I hate the thought of you on some stormy sea.
Geoffrey and the other children are working hard at their studies, now the harvest is almost over. I am hopeful that ,even though he is not yet 10 years of age, Geoffrey will be quite capable of sitting the entrance examination for the local Grammar School. It seems that loosing his mother to the influenza outbreak this spring has inspired him to become a doctor, which would be a major accomplishment for a child of his back ground. Your father has graciously offered to sponsor the boy if he proves determined enough.
Your ever-adoring friend, Lillian xxx"

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Love the Lime tree branch.
    Happy Sunday.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  2. Lovely painting, and the story is still going strong. well done.x

  3. Well, I'm glad dear Ophelia is resting a little after her adventures with camels and things. Right now, I'm pretty envious of the hot spring.

    I love the flower. I looks as if faded by time ;-)

  4. Beautiful postcard of the Linden tree branch and a must read story as always.
    Jen x

  5. Your postcard is beautiful, and your writing is so entertaining. I'll miss this when it's over. xoDonna

  6. My head is off on travels of its own when I read your stories! Fabulous - just as good as listening to the plays when I was a child on the Home Service!! Lovely card.

    Janet xx

    1. Aaw Janet!!! That is a wonderful compliment, thank you so much :D

  7. Lovely card and story...lots of new facts for me too.
    Hugs xx

  8. wow your preggosaurus is really getting around lol from camels to the theatre lol I don't remember my pregnancy being so exciting haha

  9. Lime tree, that is really interesting! As always, loving the story! Hugs my friend ;o)