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Monday, 24 September 2012

Lady Ophelia...pearl of the Persian Gulf

This week Darcy's Postcard Challenge finds Lady Ophelia in DUBAI....and surprisingly Yes, Dubai did exist as an independent state in 1895, and was under the protection of the United Kingdom :D
Dubai has no national flower at this time, so Lady Ophelia has journeyed into the desert, and found this Cistanche Tubulosa aka the Desert Hyacinth.
"My dearest Lillian,
What an amazingly romantic place this DUBAI is. For such a small nation it has so much history.
We visited the SOUK, and the smell of fresh spices was almost over powering, and the stunning coloured fabrics floated on the breeze like flags at a medieval pageant. Richard bought me a necklace of the most exquisite creamy pearls, gathered from the waters of this Persian Gulf. I think the traders were bewildered that Richard simply paid the price asked, rather than joining in the practice of haggling that is the norm here. He said" no price is too great, to see you smile". The ladies that were accompanying us all sighed, and said it was the most romantic thing they had ever heard.
Miss Francesca scolded him for making me blush, in my advanced condition, and refused point blank to let the menfolk help me onto a camel. She insisted it was not the getting on, or riding, but the dismount that was a potential danger.
The menfolk decided to have a race.....they mostly fell off, and Richard says he prefers a sturdy horse any day.
Your affectionate friend, Ophelia xxx

P.S. Not many flowers in the desert, but found this. It is known as a Desert Hyacinth. Richard thinks it looks like a mouldy pineapple." 

"My darling Ophelia,
ON A CAMEL!! REALLY!!! My dear girl, you truly must kerb your adventurous nature just a little, at least til after tour child is born. Miss Francesca was quite right to restrain your antics. It is not as if you are not in a position to experience these treats again in the future. Just think of the pleasure you are going to have, sharing these adventures with your child. I sometimes think you forget how privileged you are.
The air is turning decidedly nippy here now. Marcus has been busy harvesting the apples from the tree in the garden, and I spent a pleasurable afternoon with my class, gathering blackberries from the hedgerows. Next week we shall gather rose hips to make syrup with, as this is a great vitamin supplement for the winter months.
As for the "mouldy pineapple", I am sure  it is quite a beautiful site in the barren desert, especially when in full flower.
Do try to take care dear.
Your ever faithful friend, Lillian xxx"

Still having printer issues, so book pages not done yet
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Such charming prose today - thoroughly enjoying all of this, Gina. xoDonna

  2. How beautiful, I really enjoyed reading the postcards such imagination and so realistic. I could just imagine it all beautifully written. And your mouldy pineapple is divine ;0) xx

  3. Is it strange that I just yearn to be one of this women? To have a friendship that travels so many miles through words and finds a receiving heart at the other end... I love how your Ophelia discusses Dubai, and the way in which her friend responds, too.

    If you had been my history professor, my Gina, I would have probably become a historian. I love your words ;-)

    1. I couldn't hope for a greater compliment Miss Magaly :D

  4. I missed your story, when I was away with computer problems! I can't wait till the baby is born! I'm glad she didn't get on the camel! I rode one when I was in Egypt. Fun, but not comfortable! LOL!

  5. Aah, so romantic....
    I'm really enjoying how this story is developing and seeing the characters blossom.
    Hugs xx