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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Round and shiny :D

Last week Tee Thompsom asked if we had any Twinkling H2O paints to play with, and The Game challenged us to make something round....
I has H2O's(glueing to old cd's helps to stop the tiny pots from going missing in stash)
and I have this small round pebble....and a desire to paint on a stone inspired by other artists from past 29 Faces challenges :D

I sharpened a pencil to make a fine drawing on the pebble...

The pebble was a gift from the sea, so the face of a mermaid made sense to me :D

Then I got a teeny tiny brush (pack of 4 from the Works £1.99)

and started to paint directly onto the pebble surface with the H20s...

and they seemed to dry quite happily...

you can she how shiny this matt pebble is becoming

I added more paint to intensify the colours :D
Am going to try varnishing it, but wanted to post an image first(just in case)
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Such a wonderful idea, the little pebble looks fabulous.

  2. I've been seeing these painted stones all over pinterest and I was like, I need to get me some stones. :))) I'm in a woods and cant find any. Really awesome, Gina!

  3. Gina, this is sooo lovely! I love my Twinks! Haven't used them in a bit...thanks for some new inspiration!

    I am so glad you played along with us at THE GAME!

  4. I hope she survived the varnish, I love her!!