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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A hunting we did go!

This is a bit of a rushed post, as I have been out today trying to make contact with June Mac of Dezinaworld. She disappeared off-line a couple of weeks ago. I had her address, and hubby had the day off, so we drove the 94 miles to her house to check on her. She was out, but I left a note with my number and other contact info, and YAY!!! she got in touch tonight. Some one had hacked her puter and destroyed her blogs and FB accounts!!! But she is ok, just going to be off-line a bit til she has time to rebuild everything :S
So while your partying and remembering passed family and friends, give a thought to those friends you may not have seen for a while that are still in this realm. They might appreciate a message from you :D
A Blessed Samhain to you all!!!
Yes...I have been scaring the kiddies again, but if they want free candy!!!
I prefer fresh veggies...
Made a gorgeous rich Beef stew for supper(I haven't shown the raw steak as I have many veggie friends). I managed to get hold of some fancy coloured carrots :D

...and the pumpkins this year were small and juicy.

The purple carrot was orange inside...would look awesome grated on a salad :D
And as promised...homemade pumpkin pie! The apple slices are from my own garden. Don't know if the recipe I use is authentic, but then I rarely measure anything so it's a joyous surprise every year :D

Have a fun evening...and try not to get too scared...
OH....and while I'm here...I would like to wish the anonymous arseholes that go round destroying other peoples hardwork , dark and disturbing dreams that haunt them til they change their ways!
You know who you grateful I don't! Yet!

Blessed Be :D XXX


  1. OMG your carrot your purple carrot rocks, stupid question though, does it taste like carrot lol

    1. Totally, it is the normal colour for carrots is the GM version :D

  2. What's the point if you're not going to scare someone? Very spooky-cool!

  3. You look lovely. You should come home and scare me to death. I'm glad your friend is okay, when she is back up, do share her blog link so I can check her out. I second your message to the hacker-jerk, and pray some very naughty imps pull his or her toes today... right off his or her feet.

  4. Did I miss dinner? YUM! So lovely of you to check on your friend. I've heard of more than one crime of this type lately. Do people have nothing better to do? Day of the Dead here in Mexico is not until Friday. xoDonna

  5. Glad your friend is well. :)
    Your cosume is awesome, Gina! Really scary!

  6. You look great Gina! :) Happy Halloween!

  7. What a wonderful friend you are to go and check on her like you did! I'm sorry that happened to her. :(

  8. Hi Gina!!! I hope you had a great Halloween ;o) You looked amazing and your supper looked so yummy! I am so happy your friend is ok ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  9. How lovely that you checked out June and I am glad to know she is well, but how horrible that she has been hacked and her work destroyed. There are some very selfish, mean-minded people about.
    Looks like you had a great Halloween.
    Now enjoy your weekend.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  10. Heehee Gina, happy Halloween, seems like you have tons of fun ;))) First I thougt you have offered the kids your veggies instead of the candy...better for the teeth would it be at any rate, but who cares ;))

  11. Gina, i just read this and thank you for being such a special caring friend.
    Oh and I love the pics, love your hair and have you been losing weight ? maybe all those veggies is what i need to lose some weight
    hugs June xxx