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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I like food!!!!

Amidst all the Samhain/Halloween celebrations, I like to take time to appreciate the earth's bountiful gifts...
especially food!
It is the time of year I like to eat roast vegetables, with rich sauces... 
...and watch pans full of colourful veg bubbling in vinegar...

to preserve them for the coming winter...

and find new nummy things to make with the Pumpkin flesh scooped out of the lanterns

This is Pumpkin Trifle!!!! I kid you not! Flavoured with cinnamon and maple syrup...I found it here
and of course there is Pumpkin pie...topped with slices of apple from my own tree :D
But I'll have to share that tomorrow as I haven't cooked it yet.

When the time is come, and you've folk to feed,
May you all be blessed with as much as you need!

Blessed Samhain  to you all!



  1. Yummy, yummy... wish I could stay with you :D

  2. Blessed Samhain my friend. Wow! You are a good cook! I am hungry! I will be right over ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  3. Blessings right back 'atcha Gina :) You just made me realise all I DON'T achieve in the kitchen! Where's my invite? ;)

  4. All looks so YUM! 'Tis truly a lovely time of year for putting bounty on the table. Enjoy - wish I could taste. hugs, Donna