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Monday, 17 December 2012

Lady Ophelia...feeling good

Wow...can't believe how fast this challenge has passed, but here we are at week 50 of Darcy's 52 Postcards for 2012. This week Ophelia is writing from HAWAII
The national flower of Hawaii is the Hibiscus
" My dearest Lillian,
It is extremely hard to get into the "Christmas spirit" while sitting on an Hawaiian beach. It is so lovely and peaceful on these glorious islands, and the smell of fruit and flowers lingers everywhere we go. The people here seem born to please...not in the formal manner of paid servants, but because they have hearts of gold. I feel truly blessed to be able to relax and enjoy my baby in such a spiritual  place. Henry is very alert already, and gurgles and smiles along with these beautiful people. I think this would be a wonderful place to live....other than Yorkshire.
We should be most definitely home for the New Year. Richard has a Clipper booked, but from where I could not tell you.
Your most contented friend, Ophelia xxx"

" My darling Ophelia,
We are most definitely getting into the spirit of the season here. Marcus has been helping decorate at the Hall, the church and here at home! You would think he was a child the way he is chattering on about our first Christmas together. I felt a little sad about cutting a tree to bring in, as has become the custom in respect of Prince Albert. So Marcus selected one about 5 feet tall, dug it up roots and all and planted it near the front door of the cottage. He says this way we can have Christmas all year round.
The children have been busy making miles of paper chains, and biscuits to decorate their own trees with. Geoffrey says his father can't bring himself to celebrate this year, so he will be joining Marcus and myself on Christmas Day. It is always right to remember that others may be feeling sadness, while the rest of us are counting our blessings. Marcus is going to see if he can persuade Geoffrey's father to join us as well.
You weren't serious about staying in Hawaii, were you dear?
Your devoted friend, Lillian xxx"

I will keep the next post brief as we are all busy, but with be concluding the story along with the final card on Friday 28th.
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Aawww! I've loved this story...can't believe it's almost over.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. if I were Ophelia I'd def. be serious about staying in Hawaii!!1

  2. I love your story! I shall miss not hearing about them all next year. I agree, Christmas is not a time of joy for everyone and think Miss Lillian is a very astute lady.

    Janet xx

  3. Wow, week 50! You've done great Gina! Happy the baby is doing well ;o) You are right, Christmas is a sad time, for many!

  4. This did pass very quickly, didn't it! LOVED your story, and like others will miss it Gina. xoDonna

  5. pretty postcard...a great story...

  6. Great card, and the story is wonderful.

  7. How I wish I could change "weathers" with Ophelia. It is cold, cold, cold here.

    Hibiscus was one of my grandmother's favorite flowers. You've made me think of home in the Dominican Republic ;-)