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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Unintentional Art

How many pieces of paper do you own that look like this?
With splodges and splatters and nummy scrapes of colour and texture...

Well I make these unintentional pieces of art all the time. hey are the scrap paper iI use to protect other surfaces when journalling, stamping and generally arting.

Glued to art board they make fabulous first layers to art on :D

 My friend Clare mentioned (subtle hint) that she didn't have one of my "bubble people". I explained that it was because I work big on them and so couldn't afford to post them. So I have made four 4 and a half x 6 inch pieces
more definition + white gesso to background...

Next some colour. I usually select 3 colours...this time I used Mid yellow/Cerulean blue/ Rose madder

then rub a darker neutral colour(dark brown)over with my fingers to "solidify" the background.

After the background dries(usually with hair-drier cos I is impatient) I block in the figure using a single colour let down with glazing medium. This makes the paint translucent and extends the drying time so you can blend and remove any excess(if you want more of the base layer to show through)

Let it dry!..and then add definition with some more of the darker neutral to bind it all together...

and a bit of gold sparkly paint to tidy edges and add love :D
When Clare has chosen which one she wants, I will be offering the other 3 as a giveaway, but will leave that til the New Year
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Delicious compositions, beautiful colors ...

  2. Great concept. Nice bubble people and lovely manicure. :o) Donna

  3. Gina, love your bubble people! They have so much feeling in them and you put so much into them! Count me into the giveaway ;o)

  4. I totally understand your friend, for I LOVE your "bubble people," too. As a matter of fact, I have a couple of them snuggling each other on my bookshelf ;-)

    These are precious, Gina. Yay! Giveaway. Hm, you put me on a giveaway mood, too ;-)

  5. Thanks for showing how you create these Gina, love the layers and colours.
    Hugs Brenda xox

  6. awesomeness! Thanks for the WIP!