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Monday, 14 January 2013

First 2 PIF gifts for 2013 finished!

Been busy this weekend :D inspired by yet another free tutorial vid over at One Little House ning . This time it was a quick and extremely simple handmade art journal by Teesha Moore.
I made 2 journals to gift to friends, but couldn't just send them I painted the covers :D
This one will be going to live with May Carlin...
while this one is going to live with Jez Eden :D
Both are painted in a similar way, but I used some stencils on the blue one, so I'll share the step by step for that one. Started with blank outer cover made from 140lb water colour paper.
Dotted and scrubbed acrylic paint to create visual texture...
3rd colour layer rubbed on with a piece of sponge to give a thin even coating.
(one side with 3rd colour added)
Then I used a 4th deeper colour to add interest using some Martha Stewart stencils
From the stencilled image I "pulled" the image of a jester...
and used a thin wash of white to block it out...
before adding colour
building thin layers...
until I was happy with the "density". I prefer to be able to still see a little of the earlier layers.
Finally I worked over the painted images with Sakura Soufle pens, as well as black and gold ink pens.
Both journals are 8 x 10 inches, and made from 1 30 x 22 inch sheet of 140lb watercolour paper each. This means you can use just about anything to draw on them without it showing through to the other side :D
Enjoy :D XXX
(got to make myself one now lol)



  1. they are going to FREAK when they open the mail! how could they not? Gina these are smashing babe!

  2. So, so beautiful! Thanks for explaining your process.

  3. They are both gorgeous but wished the jester would come and live with me!

  4. Breathtaking - both of your creations are breathtaking.

  5. Amazing layers of colour, texture, shape and form. Love the way you have put these together Gina.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  6. These are wonderful Gina! Such glorious colours.
    Hugs xx

  7. Gina, Fantastic!! Great gifts that will be treasured!!!