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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Trial and error....

After watching another vid from Mitsi B I decided to drag out the dreaded oil pastels and give them another go...
I watched Mitsi use them on a black background, so my 1st attempt was done on black paper, which claimed to be suitable...

I rough sketched a male face and started building up layers of colour

(think I liked this stage best)

then roughed in the background
(his head got a bit flat :S)

and though the finished? piece wasn't too bad(I like the sketchiness) the pastels wouldn't blend and just clumped :(
So I grabbed a piece of the coloured and textured paper also claiming to be suitable and started sketching a female face.

The crayons seem to blend much better on this paper

and I felt much more confident working on it

I think the textured paper is much better to work on as it grabs and holds on to the crayon

Both these characters seem a little sad, but sometimes you can't fight your mood. I am not sad for myself, I'm fine, but some days there is just too much sadness in our world.
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. I can see the difference Gina..the main thing is that you enjoy what you're doing...
    And,yes, there is a lot of sadness in the world.
    Hugs xx

  2. Hi Gina, the male head appears to be Vulcan in appearance to me. (Star Trek fan coming to the fore here). Both pictures are great and I can really feel the sadness in the female picture. I hope it's a long time off before I feel that sad. :-) xx

  3. Your faces are sad, and are deep in thought! There is a lot going on!

  4. Great drawings, Gina - both of them. I love the sketchiness. I did a series of 12 once, all in oil pastels and found the paper made a huge difference. I happen to prefer smooth paper as I can build and blend the oil and manipulate the colours. Thanks for your tips on Chrome. I'm sure I'll get used to it and what you told me is so helpful. Looking forward to more work with your pastels. xodonna

  5. Both ofvthese are great. I've alteady commented on fb about the lovely sad lady, but the male face is so good, and he looks like my son in law.
    You are too hard on yourself. I feel the individual style you are developing with your pastels is so original, unlike any others I have seen. Other people seem to aim at producing the same style, and these are great in their difference.

  6. You're right, both look a bit sad, wonder what they are thinking about.

  7. I love the sketchiness of the first and the "tooth" of the paper showing through on the second.....a day of experimenting with supplies and playing is always a good thing :)

  8. Both sketches are amazing, but you obviously enjoyed the second much more!

  9. The second definitely blended better. They also reflect different moods (the first look sharp and upset and the second sad and smooth). And you? You always look perfect to me ;-)