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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Couldn't find my stencils so I made some!

Well I gave up stressing about the box of stencils I couldn't find this week and got busy making my own...cos everyone said it was so easy :D...and it is!!!
I can draw...and I have craft tools...and plastic folders are dirt cheap!
Being slightly sensible I decided to work in A5, which meant I got 4 possible stencils from one cut up folder...
never shy to jump in, I went straight for a face lol. I made a stylised self portrait, and cut it out with a scalpel.
Cutting with a scalpel makes your finger sore!
Tested inside my handmade journal...
though gold paint doesn't show very well lol...
so used a dropsheet and some black paint...
How Manga is that!!!
"See Me"

Liked! so doodled some background texture patterns, but was dreading the cutting out...
until friends suggested using a soldering iron/hot tool...I have one for heat foiling...and wow this was much easier,
"Crazy Cow" and "Drystone Wall"

but after doing 2 the smell of melting plastic was making me feel ill(so 1 a day in future), and if you like a nice tidy edge this method can leave quite rough edges.
Was still concerned how I was going to manage the 2 fussier designs, when another crafting buddy said "I can cut them out with my machine if you like...will only take a few minutes"
"Never Forget" and "Ouija"

She has a Craft Robo....she uses it for die cutting cuts thin plastic...such a clean precise cut!
So all in all a very productive exercise...and I am already using all of them. It is wonderful to know I can just make the stencil I want so cheaply (though I have added the cutting machine to my *wants* list, marked urgent)
Why not try making some of your own?...and you get to give them freaky names :D

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. I make mine too, and love my wood burning tool. However I thing your friends machine is Fricken genius! I have already noted it down for Father Christmas.

    I like the imperfect nature of the stencils I make. It makes them more mine I think. Love your designs. :)

  2. I'd go for the machine too.....cutting with a craft knife also makes your finger sore...
    Love your stencils - esp the face.
    Hugs xx

  3. Cool, would love to have an endless supply of stencils, must try it. (But I havem't got the Robo)
    hugs [brenda} x0x

  4. Wow those are fabulous :) xoxo Sioux

  5. They are great Gina, not sure i would be able to stand the plastic burning smell either. But all of these are fabulous
    Hugs June x

  6. Gina, this is fantastic!! I see you ;o)

  7. I have been thinking about making my own stencils
    for a while now. Yours look fab and a great tip about the soldering iron method. Definitely a gap in the market for some good faces.

    Janet xx

  8. I find the scalpel really hurts after a while, and when I read about your heat tool on the plastic my little heart leapt with joy, because I have a heat tool at the back of the cupboard.
    Then I read about the smell of the burning plastic ..... so glad you told us that. That would get the asthma going in two ticks, so that's out.
    I've been given a Cricut machine, cuts stencils etc, by my daughter, no longer wanted, but I don't really want to spend my time that way when I have so many things I want to draw. If you are passing through West Lancashire any time contact me and you are welcome to have it - NO charge, it needs a good home.

    1. Gah! Jez!!! They're like £300 + to buy!

  9. I am glad this all worked out well. I do wonder how a robo cutter works now though lol

  10. Re- 'Rumours' it is a bloody good album isn't it lol

  11. I am SOooo IMPRESSED, Gina. Love your faces - and all the fussy ones you did. I don't think I would have the patience to do them by hand - the cutting machine sounds fabulous. When you get one, I'd love to see how it works. xoDonna