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Monday, 4 March 2013

Inspired to Show and Tell...

At Inspiration Avenue this week they are having a "Show and Tell" session, so I thought I would share a few pieces that I had blogged on my other blog (when I had 2 blogs) which was for "creepier" stuff. That blog was called "In the Corner of My Eye", and it allowed me to explore the darker side of my imagination. I mostly did collage, fancy cutting and working on A6 card pieces.

This first piece was inspired by the prompt word "Mirror"
I don't like mirrors...I always expect to see someone behind me...and they don't work right. When I stand in front of a mirror why can I see things reflected that are to the side of the thing and not just in line with it??? It just creeps me out :/ (See ...something even weirder about me you didn't know :D)

This second piece was inspired by the prompt "Timeless Elegance"
The background is a photo I took while walking, and the elegant ladies and the clock face were printed on vellum before being cut out and glued. Loved that effect, I think this was actually the first collage of this style that I ever made.

..and this is probably one of the most "not sure how to take this" ones I ever made. The background image is a photo I took of a plastic statue in a theme park, and it looked like a very pious but very creepy monk. I cut out an image of a beautiful angel and over-laid it. I think I was trying to show the different ways people interpret religious devotion, and that there can be a dark as well as a good side to any intense belief.

I have to say I have really enjoyed revisiting these old friends...and all the others I haven't posted here :D
Enjoy...or maybe not mwahahahahaha........:D XXX


  1. I never knew you had two blogs. Nice to see that side of you too! Manon xx

  2. Ooo! I love them! They are very beautiful (even if some think they are creepy lol) =)

  3. I love that you are sharing these. I like them a lot. Love how ghostly the women are. Is your other blog still alive or have you deleted it?

    1. I amalgamated the 2 about 18 months ago Natahsa...part of my reconnecting strategy :D Now people get to see me as a whole :D

  4. Most interesting pieces, Gina - I love the ghostly women too. Glad you amalgamated - keeps you from getting a 'split personality'. ha ha. hugs Donna

  5. Gina, these are great! They are all so different! The Timeless one and the last one, are so beautiful! I think you are the only person I know, who gets creeped out by mirrors!

  6. I know just what you mean about feeling that when you look in the mirror there will be another face ........
    These are really interesting, in-depth images, a little like that 'mirror' feeling. They take collage to another level. Very impressive.

  7. Wonderful! Lots of surprises in your images. I was loving the colors and butterflies in the first one, then I looked more closely. Very cool. Thanks for playing with us at IA.

  8. The mirror image is wonderful. I couldn't make it out at all from Inspiration Ave's little thumbnail so it hit me like a pie in the face when your page open.