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Monday, 25 March 2013

Taking Time Out...

My sitting room clock had a reeeeeeeeally boring I made a new one :D
I have had this clock for a good few years now... I like it because I can change the face with the seasons, but it had a really naff thin miserly plastic frame, which broke. So I was left with the frameless clock, but it still works ...
So I decided to decorate a canvas and attach the clock to it. I took the clock apart so I could use the back board as a template...

but decided it would be better to stick the board straight onto the canvas to strengthen it when I have to cut the hole for the clock spindle to pass through.
I selected a long thin canvas because the clock sits between 2 windows on a narrow wall space.
I added the words "tick tock" and the numbers 1 to 9 with chip board to give some texture.
Then stared adding layers of paint using my own stencils
and then I saw this figure...sitting on the mossy wall...
holding the infant, taking time out to tell a story to the babe...
paying no heed to the passing of time.
Was determined to show you the depth of colour used, so stood on a chair to take this pic lol
And now a few close ups.

The sun decided to come out today, so I couldn't get a pic of the clock in situe(between 2 sunny windows), but hubby likes it so I'm happy.
*is feeling the need to decorate the whole house now* :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. You have such great ideas, Gina! Now you will have many years of enjoyment with your beautiful clock. I adore the theme. I know what you mean about wanting to decorate everything now - you do one thing and your off! Have fun. hugs, Donna

  2. Wonderful! ♥ Climbing chairs- that's something I would have done, too.

  3. Great idea Gina, love the colours and the story behind the image. :-) xx

  4. I just love those figures you do they always remind me of Morph (a little plaster-scene man) on Take Heart if you don't remember you will have no idea what I am on about. But I love your little people LOTS great clock Dxx

    1. Yes I was a Tony Hart fan too :D...I loved Morph because I am a keen watcher of body language :D

  5. Fantastic, your altered clock is an eye catcher now.

  6. Oh Gina that fantastic stuff!

  7. Gina, does your creative mind ever stop?? You are truly amazing for what you think of! Love the clock!! A+++

  8. Very clever idea for you clock!