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Friday, 29 March 2013

Patchwork of Life

This months book for The Artful Readers Club is the second part of Sally Dubats "Grimoire Chronicles"

Sally is writing 8 books based around the 8 sabbats of the wiccan/pagan calender. Although her story is a fictional one, she is trying to incorporate a more realistic version of "what a witch is". No magical broomstick to carry our heroine up a steep mountain side, and the only nose twitching is brought on by noxious smells. The story collection involves a young wiccan by the name of Cassie, who has grown up feeling like an outsider because of her beliefs. But as the stories progress she becomes more aware of how people really see her, and not just how she thinks they see her, leading to greater understanding and friendships she never imagined possible.
This part of Cassie's story takes place around the Winter Solstice aka Yule, and finds Cassie  trudging up a mountain in the depths of winter...not exactly the family orientated festivities she had planned. Although our heroine is in quite a perilous situation(to say the least), I found myself laughing out loud at her petulance in the face of danger. Even reading sections out loud to my husband, as Sally uses the mundane "matter of factness" required to survive to balance the swirling turmoil in Cassie's mind.

I read the first book "Veil Between Worlds"(set at Samhain/Halloween) last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, and can only say that I am still enjoying Cassie's adventures, and can not wait to read the rest as they are published.

Now for the arty bit :D
There were many passages in this book that inspired fabulous landscapes...but one particular passage stuck in my mind that was more about the spiritual side of the story.
At one point Cassie talks about memories flying around her like pages from a that had to be my first layer...and spookily the pages I pulled from my pile had a character called Cassie, and words like "Flame", "darkness", "Candle" and "Black"
The second layer was of a patchwork of colours from the passage...
 obliterated by the white snow...
Next  I added different fabrics ...
before using gold acrylic to add "stitching".
and the quote...

"but memories from the weekend wrapped around my thoughts like a patchwork quilt--a black swatch of fear from the abduction, a scrap of frayed nerves from the ascent, a bright patch of shock from the Kundalini release at the summit--all sewn together with the golden thread of the Gods. This memory had a power all its own. I was spiritually wounded."

Dubats, Sally (2012-12-05). Winter Shock (The Grimoire Chronicles) (Kindle Locations 4726-4728).  . Kindle Edition. 

...and finally I added an image of Cassie exhausted by the events of her journey so far...

"Patchwork of Life"
8 x 8 stretched canvas Mixed media piece.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. One of the most interesting things about taking part in the ARC is seeing the wide range of books enjoyed by people who have the same interests in art, even though their reading choices are so different.
    Your book choice is not something that would normally be on my reading list, but from your quote Sally writes beautifully - no padding, just words that create pictures and emotions. I could feel that quilt wrapping around me, and loved the concept of memories flying around like pages of a book, such a real feeling.
    So the writing may well hook me in to try the book.
    Lovely artwork. I can see that each layer really has a meaning, and is built into the 'memory' of the finished piece. A deceptively simple and meaningful piece of art, with texture and with Cassie looking through.
    Sorry this is so long, but I was involved in your review and artwork.

  2. So cool, your canvas looks great, much to see.

  3. Feel free to rant or rave or chatter to your hearts content Jez...I do :D

  4. Great review Gina. Not the sort of book I'd normally read but it may well be added to my TBR pile...once I've got a few more books out of the way.
    I love your really does encapsulate the quoted passage.
    Hugs xx

  5. Sally is a darling, and I think she will squeal when she sees your "Patchwork of Life." Wow, Gina! I love it. So mysterious and totally alive.

  6. Amazing!! Totally AMAZING!! Sorry for yelling, but it is how I feel!

  7. I ♥ your canvas!!! It's gorgeous!!!
    Glad you had a good time reading your book!

  8. I tried to leave a comment last month, but was unable to because when I tried to go through my translator, it wouldn't work after I click on the content box. I apologize, and hope I have that problem fixed.

    I enjoyed you take on this book. Your honest comments assured me you were very pleased with this book. As for your art, I was over-the-moon enthusiastic about it. I loved the step by step and the finished product. Very, very impressive.

  9. Wow, I should learn to review my comment before I hit publish. It should have read "clicked" in the first paragraph and "your take" in the second. I can be a duf on occasion.

  10. What an amazing piece and so breathtaking to read how it comes together...I love so much, how you go with the flow :) be blessed Conny

  11. This is wonderful, Gina...the review (now on my "must read" list) as well as the meaningful art! Well done, Miss GIna!! :)

  12. I think I need to read these books! Great review and a lovely canvas. I am well impressed with the stitching (something I absolutely refuse to do) and I appreciated you detailing the steps taken to create it.

    Janet xx

    1. Lol...the stitching is paint not thread Janet :D ...but I can sew. Have done many crass-stitches and some embroidery too :D

  13. I absolutely love your multi layered artwork this month, and I enjoyed your book review too

  14. Love your artwork, how it progressed thru the layers and the bam it came to life with her face!

    Great review too, made me smile to read that it had made you chuckle.

  15. Hi Gina, I like this piece paint & fabric. Sounds interesting. I have read about three books this month (Mar) but I haven't done a piece to accompany any of them and I was really looking forward to it to. Maybe I can squeeze one in tomorrow BH Mon. always lovely to see what you're working on Dxx

  16. That's freaking fantastic! Love all the layers! Looks like an intriguing read. :)

  17. Amazing canvas, love it! and your review also fabulous!

  18. Now how on Earth did you do that? if asked I would swear you had done the face first and then the layers after! Very clever piece and so fits with the quote.

    I do like the sound of this one.

    Oh and yes - Ruby is getting the Monster. I have to get her a frame though. And it has to match the frame of the Ruby and Lola piece I made her a while back. She has insisted. *insert much rolling of eyes* The other two are getting miffed that she is nicking everything so may have to make them one similar!

  19. Thanks Gina for sharing your step by step process of this fascinating canvas...textures, colors, fabrics...I just want to reach out and touch all those yummy layers...& the image of Cassie's face...brilliant!

  20. Wonderful canvas, love how you have related each layer to the story. Truly inspired by the book.
    Jen x

  21. I agree with Jen. The art is exquisite. Love how you pulled it all together and the part where the pages you used seem to select you. Thanks for sharing. Michelle V.

  22. LOVE LOVE your gorgeous artwork Gina... so many beautiful layers... and delicious textures... great book review... love the sound of this story...

    Jenny ♥

  23. Your canvas is wonderful, it was great to see how you built up each layer. Loved reading your review too. The book sounds like a good read, you have certainly conveyed your enthusiasm for it well.

  24. Oh an interesting read and your canvas is fabulous, loving seeing the construction of the same! May give these books a whirl they sound like fun!

  25. Whilst I am not sure the book is for me I love your canvas and the way you describe the act of creating it. So textural!