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Monday, 1 April 2013 the Bone!

From the 1st til the 13th of April Magaly Guerrero is hosting a blog party celebrating Witches in Fiction
I decided to make doll for a change, and dressed her in Mags' favourite colours...

hopefully she will have arrived in time to dance to the bone with Magaly in NY for the entire party :D

She is made from air-dried clay...
which I then drew a stylised skeleton on...
she needed lashes :D
This is how she looked before I sprayed here with sealant...
and this is what happens when you spray alcohol markers with artist sealant on air dried clay...
but it actually gave it a "bonier" feel :D
I bound her limbs with gold coloured picture hanging wire, made her a hat from layered black and red sequins...
and fashioned her dress out of black chiffon from my own party frock, combined with a red mesh orange bag shawl :D...cos Mags' loves oranges :D
She hasn't got a name yet, that is Magaly's job
Why not visit Pagan Culture and see who and what else is partying this month?
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. On my way to bed Gina, but saw you'd posted and you my dear are creative, like very, like totally :) Love this gorgeous doll :) mmm wonder what Magaly will call her?? In Australia we often call people the opposite, like people with red hair are 'blue' so a boney person... ? foolish people are Einsteins, people that can't draw will be referenced as a Picasso (helps to have a sense of humour & thick skin to live here) so better leave the name up to the Wicked one rather than anything i'd come up with ;)
    By the way, speaking 'Star Trek' my older sister liked Spock (very sophisticated)... then last month I did a totally nerdy quiz & found out I was most like Kirk (so you'd like me LOL) but frankly, looking at the new bunch... I think they are all freakin gorgeous, much better than the old Tribble gang!!! Now let's PARTY ON... well in the morning anyway, I'm off to bed, totally buggered ;)

  2. She has the most lovely of eye lashes, and those are some sexy bones! She hasn't gotten here yet, but when she does I'll ask her if I can borrow here dress--LOVE her colors, as you knew I would.


  3. Gina, she is so adorable! Maybe I shouldn't say, that, but she is ;o) Magaly is going to love her! Have fun at the party ;o)

  4. I absolutely adore the body you built her! Do you think you could build one (a new body that is) for me? She is perfectly beautiful without her cloths - having said that - love what you did with her clothing. This is so much fun - and wait 'til she gets with all those Aussie Witches - watch out. xoDonna

  5. Hello Gina,
    Your doll is enchanting. Inspires me so that I will probably have to craft one as well.

  6. So cool, thanks for the smile on my face.

  7. Gina: Ms. Bones is great. I love her face. I'm sure Ms. Magaly will be so captivated by her charms. Oma Linda

  8. I agree with everyone. Ms Bones is beautiful.