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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Don't be invisible....

Today I am sharing my art journal page for Simona's FREE ChakrART class, the 5th Chakra "Vishudda" or the Throat chakra.
It is the chakra that is about communication, expression and creativity...and I don't think it is conceited of me to say I don't have much of a problem with any of those aspects of my personality :D
So I focussed on giving my opinion of "giving your opinion"...
The first image that came to mind while meditating was of someone in chains apparently being martyred.
I guess that is how I see people when they are (in my opinion) over reacting to someone else's opinion. I am not talking about seriously horrendous matters that effect society as a whole, but stuff like a preference of style or technique or even a colour combi....geesus...the drama!!!
So let's just remember folks, You don't have to be a drama queen/king to have an opinion, nor does it make you a drama queen/king for having an opinion. It is how you express that opinion that makes it a drama!
At the same time you don't need to be invisible for fear of being of a different opinion to your friends...the truth, however quietly spoken, will be heard. It is never drowned out by the shouting of lies.
Sermon over :D Enjoy :D XXX


  1. I love the colors with which you paint yourself into the world, my Gina.

  2. Well it's my opinion that this is a pretty good post, and a great piece of art. Sounds and looks like your course is very challenging but productive and effective.

  3. Gotta love posca Pens :) I must of commented on FB I do love this work the text is very cool Dxx

  4. Great post Gina! Very wise words! I have to admit, a lot of times, I feel I can't be myself, so sometimes, I do shutdown. I will start to speak softly ;o)

  5. Gorgeous stuff Gina - loving the colours