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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

FB = Forgets to Blog

Tis that time of year again, where I start disappearing into the garden, and because so many blogs are now linked to Facebook I am forgetting to post on my own blog *smacks own head on desk*
So I thought I better share some art before you think I have abandoned you all completely :D
Inspired by Jeanette over at One Little House ning group...
I have collaged on watercolour paper with scrap paper (drop sheets) and a paper bag...

followed by a layer of stencilling with my new Martha Stewart stash :D

I used a thin film of white gesso to pick out the facial area, and water soluble pencils to draw in a few butterflies...

and then decided to "knock back" the background a little with a thinner layer of gesso :D

Then it was just a case of blocking out shapes and adding definition.

I wanted to keep this image quite soft and translucent, while still keeping the colours quite bold. Finishing off with a few white stars on the background using another stencil.

Inspired by Jeanette's "Make a wish"...I call this "Butterfly Kisses"
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. That's a cool painting, love the butterflies and the red hair :D

  2. I love seeing the process, Gina. I kept on going back to the top and seeing her appear in the canvas. So awesome!

    And I want her hair!

  3. Butterfly Kisses is so precious! I missed you! I was wondering where you were! Take Care ;o)

  4. Fabulous. Love the processes and end product. have fun in the garden, it's been gorgeous today.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  5. This is stunning! Loved seeing her development. She has the best hair! :) Enjoy your garden time. xx

  6. Definitely one of my faves of yours, Gina, love it! x

  7. Wow gorgeous work as always Gina!