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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fact or Fiction? Happy 4th blogoversary to Pagan Culture! is Pagan Cultures 4th blogoversary, and I was supposed to make a special something and post it today.....but something sparkly and crafty distracted me....and today is here already, and not next week!!!!
I had a short story in my head, but it ran off with the sparkly...stories tend to do that. You should always make notes as soon as the words pop up in your head, notes don't run off with sparklies. They may hide in your craft stash occasionally, but they never run away....

"RUN AWAY!!!!!" the Sparkly screamed as the giant Witch's hand lowered slowly over Table Top meadow. The Wordies slithered and slid amongst the blades of grass, and vanished into the soil as if they had never existed. Paper Dolls grabbed each other by the hand and fled without question, but Pencil just lay there, frozen rigid with fear.
Bravely Scrap Paper threw herself across Pencil, trying to hide him long enough to regain his senses, only to be snatched up by the Witch, crushed into a ball like so much rubbish and cast down into the pits of Bin.
Sparkly looked on in horror, as the Witch jambed Pencils foot into the fiendish blue barrel, twisting and scraping until the bone was pointy and sharp. It was with utter disbelief that Sparkly then watched as the giant Hag dragged Pencil around, depositing stripes and swirls of blood from the open wound onto Notepads faded lines....
Notepad was old and worn out, and shuddered as bits of Pencil crumbled against him. He tried to wriggle free, but his skin tore under the pressure of the giant hand. Notepad cried out, feint raspy sobs like softly rustling Autumn leaves, and Sparkly could take no more...
She was only tiny, some might say minute, but she was fast!
 A mere grain of glitter....could she distract the giant Witch long enough? 
Would the others follow her lead?
 No time to think...she shot out from behind Paint Tray, twinkling and twirling as hard and fast as she could.
The giant hand stopped, transfixed by the magical dance of the minuscule Sparkly, letting Pencil drop to the ground. The Paper Dolls jumped into action and rolled Pencil silently to the edge of the meadow, hiding him amongst the endless rows of discarded and neglected Paintbrushes left scattered after the giant Witch's last visit.
 It wasn't much of a rescue, but it was all they could do for now.

As quickly as she had appeared, Sparkly vanished back behind Paint Tray, and the Witch turned to pick up Pencil, blue barrel in hand...."What the.....?" quizzed the Witch. "Where's my pencil?"
Notebook was swept aside as the giant hand lifted and dropped various item on Table Top Meadow, vainly searching for her favourite sketching implement, but the hapless Paintbrushes held him fast.
Just as the Witch was about to find Pencil a cry was heard from the outer realms...."MUM!!!! Washer's finished!!!"
...and with a huff, and a muttered "oh bum!" The giant Witch disappeared from view....

Hope you  *cough* enjoyed my little story for "Witches in the Bone"

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. How delightful - you have made me giggle at 7:30 am. Love your characters and your writing. hugs, Donna

  2. This was a piece of heaven. I think this Brilliant Giant Witchy Hag should take these amazing circle of characters and illustrate a children's book. This is too amazing not to be shared with the entire world.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE every bit of it. You should've seen me. I leaned and leaned, until my face was so close to the screen that had not the voice from the outer realm called on the Witch, I would have probably found Pencil's hiding place.


    1. didn't see my son's reaction...says he will never use a pencil again :D

  3. Wonderful funny creative and with SPARKLES!!!!! Gina, this story is amazing, truly enjoyed the wacky fun and I too am thinking you should get read by a bigger audience as your post is a delight!!!

  4. Oh you are the wicked witch I always new it lol lovely imagination and great paper dolls hun Dxx

  5. Gina, this was fantastic! So much fun! You have a great spirit! Love your paper dolls ;o)

  6. What a sweet story. :) Love Sparkly! Congrats Magaly! :)