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Thursday, 11 April 2013

A picture in time...

Almost done with my Pay it Forward gifts for 2013...well the official ones any way lol. Made this one last week (possibly 2 weeks ago), but forgot to post it !!!
It is for Susan Foulkes, I know she is a book addict, so the design is meant to feel like a mysterious photo of a beautiful lady...wonder what adventures she will have with Susan? :D
I made the background design using a technique shown by Daisy Yellow, but I can't find the vid link now so you'd have to go ask her :D...well worth a visit anyway :D

Next I added definition using black inktense pencil and slodges of white paint :D

White Posca paint marker(which I luuuuurve) was used to add faux stitching, which gives the cover a leathery feel :D

and I just couldn't resist painting this miniature portrait in the centre panel...

She looks like she was on a fabulous outing...

I know your more of a Red fan Susan, but this book just wanted to be with you :D
And I think I better make this my "Piece a Week", as I have gotten behind with linking to Rita :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Wow, that's gorgeous, the colors are outstanding. Love the whole design.

  2. Beautiful, Gina! Love the colours and the portrait in the middle - I'm sure it will surprise and delight your friend. A treasure for sure. xoDonna

  3. This is beautiful Gina! It will be treasured ;o)

  4. Oh Susie is going to love that Gina - beautiful work!