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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Well I didn't see that coming! Lol

Well I can hardly believe how quickly the last 6 weeks have passed!...Only one more week of Simona's fabulously invigorating ChakrART free workshop left!!!!
She has very kindly set each weeks class up as a pages on her blog, so if you feel inquisitive why not pop over and have a never know where it may lead you :D
So this week is the 6th chakra...Ajna or the 3rd eye chakra.
I use mine quite a lot, but in times of stress (or anger) my vision becomes cloudy and tainted with "wishful thinking"
I was truly surprised by the image my meditation brought so clearly...a yellow dragon, flying through the air...twisting and somersaulting. And the air was more like long strands of silky grass, streaming passed as the dragon raced by....weird or what....but all the time I kept getting "close-ups" of the bright shiny eye.
I decided that what the image symbolised, was the intense effort I was having to use to activate that particular chakra, because of all the cluttered thoughts that had built up in my head...causing tension headaches.
I used to use a sparkly purple geode to enhance my 3rd eye...when I got it out of the box, it had turned black!!!
I guess I have some serious focussing to do, to re-energise my poorly little chunk of purple amethyst however(in the background) was as sparkly as ever :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Why is it that every time I see one of your pieces, I immediately start wishing I could paint? *sigh* I need to go and find a well or something.

    She is beautiful.

  2. Love the free flowing beauty of this artwork Gina, and my goodness girl, what the hell did you do to that little stone?? I think your purple amethyst is hiding in the background from you LOL!!

  3. That is very interesting, the geode turned black? I have never heard of that before! I love what came out of your meditation! Very powerful!

  4. Your meditation was indeed fascinating. I'm also interested in the fact the geode turned black. Do you think putting it in sea salt under the full moon might help? I'd be interested if you would keep us posted if the situation is permanent or if it can be turned around. hugs, Donna

    1. Am going to try everything in my power to re energise it...I have neglected my crystals this past couple of years. Will let you know how it goes :D

  5. Gorgeous page in great colors. Love the background waves and your writing.

  6. Oh Gina you sound like us we've been neglecting our crystals too, intend on finding them a new home in the house soon! Love your page!

  7. Gina love the dragon phew he's wonderful Dxx