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Sunday, 16 June 2013

A stitch in time....

While reminiscing about past works my mind turned to the pieces I used to stitch.
This was the last cross stitch I worked on, and hangs on my bedroom wall.

While tidyingish...I came across my sewing box (upgraded baby changing box)...
 the contents of which didn't look at all inspiring until I started to unpack...
 and then I was hooked odd scraps of Aida and bundles of rich coloured threads.
Then I found the box I'd wrapped and stored some of the colours I'd used previously, for all the world a rainbow of memories.
 Memories of my first embroidery attempt as a married women(I had done a few pieces for peoples jackets back in the 80's)...
 The Aide Memoir that hangs near my altar space...
the cross stitch panels I made as gifts for my female family members...
using a combination of book pattern elements and my own sketches(the female figures and the landscape in these 2 pieces are my own)
The thrill of "painting" with thread got into my blood again, and I reached for 2 pattern books I treated myself too years ago...
and that's why I am MIA....can't stitch and blog at the same time :D
Can't show you the projects I am working on at the moment, but I will soon...promise X
I love painting, but their is something a bit more spiritual about needlework for me...maybe it is that you are sitting still and quietly concentrating on each tiny stitch.
Bright Blessings to all of you...may you always have the right thread to mend what ails you :D XXX


  1. Your toes aren't busy while you are stitching, are they? Of course you can stitch and blog at the same time. Stop being such a slacker! Just kidding, I don't want you bleeding all over the floor ;-)

    Love your stitching. The Patrick and Georgina bit looks HAWT, and the pentacle is just divine.

    You know what, all your pretty frames reminded me that I have to get some. And buy some frames, too ;-D

  2. What gorgeous reminders of days gone by. As 'creators' we do seem to have to make changes from time to time. Out little minds are too curious. Love all that you've done. I used to stitch endlessly - all huge tapestries for the wall. All gone - left behind as I moved to Mexico. I miss them sometimes, however, the memories are good enough. Mexicans are famous for their embroidery and you can purchase beautiful patterns here stamped on cloth. Sometimes I look - so far I've escaped the urge to buy. Can't wait to see what you are working on. xoDonna

  3. a lady of many talents! these are fabulous.
    i used to cross stitch - and loved it - until my fingers started going crampy on me. funny, i can color, cut and make cards for hours on end without little or no cramping, but holding a needle - be it crochet, knitting or sewing (or a knife for that matter) and my fingers get wonky on me. at least i can make cards. i'll leave everything else to you.... you do it beautifully!

    hugs :)

  4. Gina, I love your work! Weather it's painting or cross stitching! Your work is stunning! My mom use to cross stitch and I love her work! I only created one piece and that was for my very first boyfriend! I don't have it anymore ;o( I wonder if he still has it?? That was a long time ago! Keep stitching and hopefully you will blog once and awhile! Miss you!

  5. Is there nothing you can't do my talented girl??? Awesome work Gina, you are flooded with talent and it keeps finding new ways to express itself... Fabulous!!!!