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Friday, 21 June 2013

Don't worry...BEE HAPPY !

So today is Midsummers Eve here in the northern hemisphere....though being in England it is raining as usual lol
This has not dampened my spirit in the least :D
What a perfect day to welcome a rescued bumble bee nest into my garden (they're not keen on keeping them in school playgrounds)
They arrived at 8.15am, so I brought them a gift/snackie of stocks and sweet williams so they wouldn't stress when released. While taking this phot they were merrily buzzing around my head lol.
This is my altar space today :D Welcoming the Mother Goddess and celebrating the power of her husband the Sun....
decorated with yellow scented rose petals from my garden....
cleansed with musk incense and water from an icicle that froze around the first flowers in spring(sweet viburnum) mixed with some water from the breast of mother earth (Mam Tour in Derbyshire)...
and a solstice candle decorated with an image from the summer Brambly Hedge cd :D....
and you can also see a sneaky peek of the sampler I am making myself...with bees on...
using elements from the "beekeeper's garden" section of this book ISB number 1-40270069-5

It will contain wording such as Bee Happy....and Home Sweet Home...cos that is how I feel about my home :D
Blessed Solstice
My your day be as bright and joyfilled as mine XXX


  1. Your Alter is beautiful Gina. I will add a few things to mine for this evening to celebrate. LOVE your bee's cross stitch. How lovely. And the new occupants of your garden - very nice. hugs, Donna

  2. Blessed Solstice My friend ;o) Your altar is gorgeous ;o) I love the sampler you are making! Can't wait to see it finished ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  3. You adopted some bees? How wonderful! And they you fed them some sweet williams--they are as lucky as me ;-D

    Love how your altar is full of wild summer...