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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Project without end....

Some projects we start have an obvious ending...
 they may feel like they are going to take forever...
but a final bit of sparkle marks completion.

For other projects we can see no obvious end, yet we know when we are there.
My Piece a Week "Duet at Dawn"
BUT....some projects can never reach an end....some projects are designed to grow with us and remain part of our arting life indefinitely....
 Like this one from Darcy :D
How long do you spend trying to decide which paints in your collection will combine to give the effect you are after? (and these are just my craft paints : /)
Making swatches of randomly splatted paint (and writing notes on them) can be a fabulous time saver :D
 Especially when you have different "finishes" of paint too...
and it is a fabulous excuse to get messy :D
Why not pop over to PaperArtsy and see what else Darcy has been up to this week?
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Beautiful photos! I like the beauty of the endless projects, beautiful in tone, exquisite! Wonderful!

  2. Gina, you are a wild crafty woman! I love you for that! The totes are excellent! Love the skulls, is that a necklace? "Duet At Dawn" is beautiful!!! I am like you with all your paints ;o) Hugs ;o)

    1. They "wonky pumpkin" bag charms to go with the bags :D

  3. yay Well done Gina, glad you dived in and made some samples. I found them not just useful but theraputic to make because they were just playing and didnt have to be pretty.

    Those bags are gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous projects hun as always!

  5. Your "Duet at Dawn" sings all kinds of pretty things.

    It is nice to know that you, too, have projects that go to infinity.

    And now that my squealing under control... *squeeeeeaaaallll* I ADORE the pretty bag and skull lovelies ;-D

  6. When I find the right fabrics Magaly....I already have the charms :D mwahahahaha

  7. What a great post! Really inspiring playing with the tags! Julie Ann x

  8. Great tags, they're good fun to make.

  9. The tags are a good idea, apart from being practical, there is no pressure for a result, it's all play and creativity!