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Friday, 30 August 2013

Proof reader's ARE important people!

The book I chose to review this month for The Artful Readers Club is
a collection of poems and short stories.

Now I know I am a bit of a Grammar Troll, but I get that people(even myself) make mistakes...I get that we regularly make typing errors, and that sometimes we just can't be fussed about correcting every last piece of syntax, BUT!!!!!
If you are going to publish a piece of writing that you expect people to pay for, you should make at least a reasonable effort to ensure it is "readable".
That is, after all, what proof reading is about.  You may not have the necessary skills or time to do this yourself. Even if you do, it is definitely worth getting someone else to read through your piece BEFORE publishing.
Within a few short pages of starting this book I found myself infuriated by the sheer lack of punctuation. In fact, I often didn't realise I had moved on to a different story as the title for it was merged into the last line of the previous piece. The spacing between sentences was chaotic and confusing, and some sentences were so long I had forgotten the point being made by the time I reached the end.
In the main story, the author continually changed from one tense to another mid sentence, and to be honest, on at least 3 occasions I planned to give up, BUT!!!!
I wanted to know what happened to the characters. The author created some wonderfully interesting protagonists, who I would love to have known better. I had to know if they had a happy ending, because she did make them real and likeable.
I found it extremely difficult to read this book. It actually gave me headache as I was constantly re-reading sections to make sure I had understood things properly, but it is filled with little gems, that if the author had taken the time to polish them, could have really sparkled.

 I started my art project during my first "frustration break". At that point I had decided that if I had been reading a paper copy, I would have been tearing pages out of it. So I used some old book pages from my stash instead :D...
 and decided to comfort myself making paper flowers...

 I took my frustration out on them by spritzing them with water
 and scrunching them up.
 Part of the short stories section of the book has a collection based on Death/Reapers, so during my second "frustration break" I stencilled a skull to add to my finished piece.
 Darcy made a tutorial earlier this week for Paper Artsy, in which she made "patchwork paper".
 I used some more book pages and inked them up, before cutting into random rectangles and pasting them onto a backing paper...
 before cutting them into panels to fit the base "fan shape" I had cut from black card stock.
 I over-stamped, faux stitched and mounted each panel before gluing in place.

Then it was just a matter of putting everything together :D
I added some sparkly details with Stickles...
 and a sentiment I felt appropriate to the book itself.

In the end I was pleased I made the effort to finish this book, not for pride, but because it has the makings of some very very good stories.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Not sure I understood what the book was about, but I suspect it was a bunch of short stories. Of course, I fell in love with the art. I loved the fan and how you put it together during moments of frustration. It's a beautiful piece of artwork.

    1. Yes Elizabeth, poems and short stories :D

  2. Your artwork in fabulous. I understand your frustration at the poor grammar. People typing their own blogs can probably get away with some, but not a published book. Glad that you got to the end and sort of enjoyed it. A xx

  3. well, I give you credit for finishing... I get stuck on a single typo sometimes, and then wonder how it got missed and loose the story line.... your art for it is wonderful, I had no idea what was coming when I first saw the skull, but its fabulous all together!!!

  4. Well done for finishing the book! Your fan is great and I love the way you explained each step and its significance. Fingers crossed for a good book next month!

    Janet xx

  5. Poor grammar annoys the hell out of me as well!! Congratulations on putting those frustrating moments to good use as your artwork is stellar, Gina! Well done!

  6. I love your art work for this, Gina. It is so effective. How strange that this book, with all its potential, should have taken so little care with grammar and puntuation. Ah well, at least your frustration resulted in some superb art. I love that patchwork paper and the skull. Julie Ann xx

  7. I am guilty of appalling grammar on fb and on my blog, but I really don't care so much. However, if I was publishing something that people were paying good money for then I would be more careful.

    Even though i don't correct my own spellings and grammar, it annoys the crap out of me when I see mistakes by other people hahahaha 'pot and kettle' springs to mind.

    Love your patchwork paper, totally perfect. Those scrunched flowers are gorgeous and delicate especially next to the bolder image of the skull.

  8. I am a bit of a grammar junkie, but my typos are generally's not intentional, it's just that I am rubbish at I constantly make errors...I think my fingers and brain seem to work at a different pace! I compound this via a bad habit of speed reading/ publishing without checkign! like that! LOL

    Love your creativity on the back of the book!

  9. Headaches are no good! Gina, you amaze me again!! Holy girl!! This skull creation is so cool!!! A+++ Big Hugs ;o)

  10. Great project, Gina!! I have read quite a few amazing books filled with so many grammar mistakes.. It's really frustrating...

  11. I love the fan and the patchwork book paper. I recently started using a Kindle so I guess less book paper to use. I yet frustrated about poor written English but I fear we are fighting a losing battle, especially with text speak, etc. Eventually we won't be able to understand what anyone is saying!

    Lucy x

  12. I think that every now and then an author rushes to put a work out there and forgets to let the writing mature. And it blows...

    ...but if that's the price to pay to see those pretty flowers and that "Peacock" skull ;-) then well paid. They are pretty!

  13. Fabulous artwork Gina....pure genius to use book pages!
    I feel your pain....poor grammar spoils a book for a Beta/proof reader for several authors I know it takes careful reading and patience to put a story "right" but you owe it to your readers - esp. if they're paying for the book.
    Hugs xx

  14. You are a better woman than I, I definitely wouldn't have made it to the end of the book! Love your skully artwork, pretty and macabre in equal measures :)

  15. Love your art work, all the detail on each panel of the fan is amazing. Shame the book was spoiled by the lack of care publishing.
    Jen x

  16. Your artwork is fantastic :) sorry your book was frustrating x