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Monday, 2 September 2013

Sharing pieces of our world

Well a lot of you probably know that I like to send out little pieces of my world to my friends in Etherland. I hate that I will probably never get to meet most of you in real life, so it is nice to send little bits and pieces of art or silliness just to know we have "touched" the same things. In my mind(which is a tad warped I know) this creates an energy link in the universe. We will always have that connection even when the WW Web isn't available...well this week Magaly sent me these !!!!!
and I love them all!!!
Another friend, Jeanette House, sent me a piece of art we have worked on together. We each created a background piece and posted them to the other to paint over. 
It was a fabulous experiment, and we had even used many of the same images and colours in our backgrounds(which was a bit spooky lol) I will share what I did with hers tomorrow, as I have been waiting til she posted her class video about it before sharing. PWYS class 09
All through last month I have also been playing with some other lovely ladies via Face Book and Ayala Art's Blog, where we have been doing something similar but with more people. Once I get all my pieces back I will blog about that wonderful experience too.
So if your feeling a little isolated, and in need of some happy mail, why not contact a blogging/FB buddy overseas and arrange a little project together. That way you can weave you own "interweb". Just remember to keep the pieces small and it will keep postage costs down. There really is nothing like holding something created especially for you by a friend :D 
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. How lovely! I've just taken part in a similar collaboration (between six of us)...It's wonderful to feel connected isn't it, especially through art.
    I'll post pics when my piece comes home.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. loving the T-shirt!!

  2. I'm glad the love is coming to you from everywhere. And you look sexy basking in it ;-)

    Love the piece. Yummy colors!

  3. Gina this is GREAT and the T-Shirt is SO YOU love you girl Dxx

  4. I love that notion of holding something your friends have held and put their love into. That's exactly it! You describe it perfectly :) Love your collaborations Gina :)

  5. I agree Gina! This is so special! I love your treasures ;o) The shirt looks excellent on you! Big Hugs ;o)