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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Working with others IS awesome!

Yesterday I told you I had been playing with my friend Jeanette to create original art pieces for each other.
Well this is the piece I sent back to her :D
We each worked on a background for the other to work onto(without telling each other anything about what we were using). We only knew what size piece we agreed to use...
and this is the scrummy, textured and painted background she gave me.

The scary part is making the first marks on someone else's work....but we both intended leaving parts of the background showing through, so I went for it lol
 Pencil lines sealed with medium to stop it blending, then a thin layer of white gesso to unify the background...
 and now it was just a case of picking colours from the base and building up layers.
 She just looked such a "bubbly" party girl :D
 I just couldn't bring myself to "lose" the bee on her nose lol.
 Every party girls needs bunny ears right, and a big butterfly bow ...
 I wanted to add something "behind" her to add a bit of perspective...
 so I picked out a big blousey flower...
 deepened the tone of the background with a thin glaze...
 and added highlights of white and gold
I just love this bubbly bunny girl, and am thrilled that Jeanette loves her too :D

I am counting her as my "Piece a Week" as though I painted her a couple of weeks ago I couldn't blog til we'd swapped.
And I am entering her in Manon's Paper Saturday Challenge

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. She is a bubbly twenties party girl, up all night dancing and then sleeping until 11. I don't know how your mind picked this girl out of the colourful background. I would have been stumped. Lovely work and what a collaborative achievement.

  2. What a lovely idea! It is so enjoyable working on something in collaboration with other artists. The colours are gorgeous and I am glad you have kept the bee shining through. Manonx

  3. She is wonderful, Gina! Thank you for sharing the process, it is great to see how she emerges from that gorgeous background :-)

    Hugs Ilona

  4. Sounds like a fantastic project. Love your result - it looks really WONDERFUL.

  5. Gorgeous, love seeing her emerge out of all that yummy background, I think doing this in collaboration with another artist really stretches you because it sort of removes us from a comfort zone which makes us veiw things a little differently. Just did a couple which I will eventually post when they come back in a 'faces around the world' 3 artists work on each piece (postcard size) I must admit I was terrified I'd stuff someone's work, but then just relaxed and had a ball. This is great Gina, I've snuck back a few times but missed your energy and inspired blog... Expect me to stalk you more often ;)

    1. All Stalkers Welcome :D. And I too have been playing along at Faces in the World, just got 1 of mine back, plus some extras we started lol. Will also blog shortly :D

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Judah :D How is life with you?

  7. Love what you have come up with here using Jeanette's background Gina so clever. Dxx

  8. I love this bubbly bunny girl too! Fantastic as always Gina ;o) Hugs ;o)

  9. I love the way the orange gets toned down until it becomes just a glow from the background. Very nice.

  10. Wow! Love her. And I love this idea. :)

  11. great Gina, she's really fantastic!

  12. Awww so sweet to walk with you from start to finish...Love the butterfly and the tiny bee on her nose so much! ♥ Conny

  13. I LOVE the idea of exchanging art with friends. I might try to get a few writers to do the same. Make each other into characters or something!

    Those lips are beautiful!

    And, guess what? I've given you an award. It comes with a special request...

  14. I love that you kept the bee on her nose, it seems perfect!