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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Singing for your supper....

So, knowing how much I struggle with these things, my lovely friend Magaly tagged me with this award. But being the awesome person that she is, she changed-up the rules before passing it on lol
So instead of sharing 7 random things about myself, I have to share some (and I quote) "sugary sweetness" that has occurred in my life recently.....
so I give you "PUDDING"

This was a lovely refreshing dessert I made last week :D
A meringue nest filled with strawberry ice cream, blackberries fresh from the garden simmered with a little sugar, poured over and a lovely heap of whipped cream! Doesn't come much sugarier or sweeter than that....and the warm syrup melted the meringue, turning it into chewy toffeeness :D

One specially happy thing that happened though this week, was receiving these fabulous Paper Artsy stamps from another friend Darcy

 They are called "mini" but each stamp is about 2 and a half inches in length :D
Thought I'd try using chalky paint for a change. These are test pots from a DIY store, £1.10 each so no major outlay there lol
Using a piece of heavy grey board (also Paper Artsy, which Darcy kindly included for me to play with), I did a quick "smudgy" background and then used the same paint to stamp the feathers with.
As the paint dried a lovely matt finish it was easy to stamp over with more PA stamps and Archival ink,
Before edging with Inka Gold wax in a green colour(have had it years) and a hint of black ink. 
The stamp set that the sentiment came from also has this wonderful image, which I thought would make an interesting topper. I stamped it onto some supersmooth card, painted with the same paints as the background, and cut out.
Before adding the topper, I wanted to make it stand out a little more. I stamped the same image in position directly onto the background, and used it as a guide to add a dark shadow.
 Finally I added some metallic gold pen details and glossy accents to the wings and clock hands.
I feel I should be adding something more, but I don't want to cover all the lovely feather impressions, so for now it is am I :D
I would like to enter this tag for Manon's Paper Saturdays challenge :D 
Enjoy XXX



  1. Congrats on the award Gina!
    That dessert looks yummy - I love gooey meringues.
    Lucky you - those stamps are so cool..and I love the does not need any more adding to's beautiful as it is!!
    Hugs xx

  2. I enjoyed watching your 'wings' artwork through each stage until it reached its lovely, feathery conclusion. The colours blend so well, and I like the way you have surrounded it to make a great picture - no more needed, it's just right as it is.

  3. It's perfect the way it is! Really lovely. Yes the feather background is so pretty. And I love the topper. Great job! Your dessert has me drooling. How wonderful to enjoy the bounty of the season!

  4. I don't care if it's not even 9:00am in New York City, I'm going to have some ice cream. With toppings!

  5. Like the art you made a lot. Found your blog at manonpopjes, papersaterday.
    Liefs, Melanie

  6. Great idea using those tester pots I have so many of them :0 I didn't know Miss Darcyface did those stamps. Must go and check that out. I love the piece as it is but if you add more Let me know and I will come to have another peak. ManonXx

    1. Darcy didn't make the feather stamps Manon. But she has made some awesome Heart stamps that I will be using shortly :D

  7. My mouth is drooling!! Yummy!!!
    I love your gifted stamps and what you made!!! Amazing Gina! Big Hugs ;o)
    Congrats on the award ;o)

  8. Wants me having a pudding, too. Very yummy :) You've created a great card with those fabulous stamps.