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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Just out of reach....

I have so missed blogging and sharing this last on this day when we turn back the clocks(UK) and the nights grow even longer and darker heading into the Sabbat of Samhain, I feel the need to blog :D
Samhain aka Halloween is to me the closing up of the natural world for a well deserved rest. It is the end of the old year and beginning of the new. Every girl knows a New Year's eve party requires a special effort, so this year I made myself a tirara.....*every girl NEEDS a tirara*
And now, if your sitting comfortably, I would like  to share a spooky story....

As a firm believer in the paranormal/spiritual side of life I was thrilled when a friend contacted me to ask if I would be interested in joining her and a few others for a paranormal investigation. WOULD I?????
Bounced for weeks waiting for confirmation :D

On the night of the investigation we arrived at my friends workplace(an old site reused). She explained that it was her boss who had requested help, as one of his manager's had had a real scare and was struggling to do his job (big hairy metal worker types).
It was an awesome site, with large open warehouse spaces, machine shops and offices, but best of all....underground cellars...with stone walls and arched ceilings mwahahahahaha...:D
We were totally in our element . I paired up with my friend (she is the techy one) and I volunteered/begged to be allowed to go into the furthest recesses of the cellars.
It was beyond my expectations. We saw shadowy figures, listened to spirits whistle back at us, and got lots of "flashing light" responses to questions on our gadgets.
I know many people would respond with "it was just your imagination", that's ok I like my imagination, but it was my imagination that stopped me making the ultimate contact in the end.
You see, when I went to open a door into another room (which I remembered being there from before we went lights out) there was just enough light escaping from my friends night vision camera screen for me to see my hand. As I reached toward the handle, I saw my hand reflecting in the glass door panel and pulled up so as not to bang my nails against it (I hate's like stubbing your toe). My friend turned on her torch so I could see the handle properly.....
I wouldn't have banged my fingers.....
the door was wide open....
As I described what I had seen I realised that "the hand" had been smaller than mine...and was the wrong way round. It should have been "thumb to thumb", a mirror image, but it wasn't.
So my "imaging" the door to be where it should ave been actually prevented me from holding hands with the spirit we had been talking too....

(simple line drawing by me)

So I would just like to close by reminding everyone, that if you are privileged enough to be offered the hand of friendship...don't let your imagination spoil the opportunity.

(And is a true story, that's why I haven't used any names)
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. oh my goodness, that is a thrilling and fabulous story. I'm with you on the spookier the better and this was great. Oma Linda

  2. Holy crap Gina, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up... I sometimes think creative people are more in tune and apt to be open to these other dimensions, interesting how your brain took over from your vision and made it into something more physically acceptable (doorknob reflection) very spooky girl! Oh and I love your crown :)

  3. Gina, this story is amazing!! Spooky cool! Could you feel any energy? It would be interesting to know the history of the building. Maybe find out who that hand belonged to?
    I love your tiara! You look fantastic ;o)
    I am so happy to have won your painting! It means a lot to me and it will be cherished!! xoxoxxo

    1. We did the investigation "blind" Stacy, and the owner commented on our findings after. :D

  4. Haven't been here for so long - I've missed you Gina. I think I'm back. What a great story. I am a believer as well. Simply Awesome to have that opportunity. Come over for a visit. I have blog candy. hugs, Donna

  5. I would have wet myself. No joke! I love all this as you know but were I to go on something like this or one of those staged zombie nights, or even a ghost walk? My imagination would go into overdrive. I would either have a heart attack or disgrace myself! I am a big old wuss!

    Love your line drawing - gave me chills.

  6. I got a goose bump or two, lucky you! That doesnt happen nearly enough! Yes I believe, I see images out of the corner of my eye from time to time. Just a shadow and only a blink....I am happy to know Im not alone ....Thank you for sharing the wonderful adventure with us all ! xoxoDebi PS your tiara is regal♥indeed