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Monday, 21 October 2013

Dark Mangoes party giveaway

Today over at Pagan Culture's All Hallows Grimm post, Magaly is sharing several awesome giveaways...including this deeply textured canvas by yours truly called 
It was a piece inspired by her stories of AlmaMia
It started with deep dark mud....
 and slimy dead things...
 It was difficult not to make icky splodgy stickiness...

But the layers just kept piling up
til a figure appeared, clutching something as it wandered through the trees.

Then the moonlight shone through, and I could see it was staggering, slipping in the mud...
 gathering the fallen ripe squishy mangoes.
It was difficult getting a clear photo as the painting has a powerful shine to it now, but the image above gives you a clue to the deep colours within.

I will post the piece (5 x 7) directly to the person Magaly selects.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. I am so excited to see that you use a palette knife. Your mastery of colors, as always, just thrills my eyes.

  2. Amazing painting Gina!!! Love the details and I love the steps!!

  3. Wow! I just saw this to my Piano Man--I had no idea how you made the painting. He said, "Artists are amazing, and Gina rocks that mud!" LOL

    I agree, Gina, this is wonderful. As earthy as it gets. Not only is the result glorious, but the process says AlmaMia all over ;-)

  4. so? this all comes about just by spreading "mud" and things on canvas? now THAT is definitely art!!!!

  5. Hey Gina, I am back ;o) I am suppose to tell you what I feel, when I look at your painting ;o)
    I feel a loneliness within this child. A child who is going through so much, but she has so much hope and strength, and this is what is shining out upon this painting. She is going to conquer!!!

  6. A fabulous project, great texture and colors

  7. I love the colors. And I don't know why but it reminds me of some historical engravings I've seen. Really nice!

  8. Gorgeous, Gina! This painting makes my fingers itch to touch it. It's a feast for the eyes.

  9. It's marvellous how suddenly a figure or a tree or a face, etc, suddenly emerges from a painting in progress, as if the painting has been waiting for just that moment. Great seeing the process and the slightly ghostly moonlit final image.