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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Second Party post ....Song of the Sea

After visiting many amazing blogs during Magaly's All Hallow's Grimm celebration, I felt inspired to write a poem and art it...

"Stranded" 8x10 board with layered tissue/acrylic paint and air dry clay figure(made with Sculpey mould)


Beware the sweetly singing voice
That calls you from the deep.
Into your head, your heart, your soul
The poisoned words will creep.

They'll welcome you
And promise love,
To keep you safe from strife.
Yet their claws are sharper when rebuked
Than the gleaming Butcher's knife.

Beware the pretty lights that shine
Within their eyes so clear.
The pearly teeth that glisten bright
As they smile from ear to ear.

Please be careful when you walk
On warm sandy shores alone.
For the Siren's song, though sweetly sung,
Can cut you to the bone.

But I fear not the Siren's call
As the stormy waves crash by,
For when Nature takes my hand to guide,
I stand 'neath clearer sky.

My eyes are opened to the light
That shines from other hearts.
The Siren's spell is laid to waste
And darkness soon departs.

Grief I have missed the power of words, and the shimmery iridescence of the ocean. 

Enjoy :D XXX 


  1. I'm pretty sure the following imagery will stay with me forever:

    "Beware the pretty lights that shine
    Within their eyes so clear.
    The pearly teeth that glisten bright
    As they smile from ear to ear."

    It's that smile that is more like a slash full of teeth. Haunting. And the little dolly being choked... ouch, that drives the message home. Ouch, indeed.

  2. The imagery, yes! Love this very much. :-)

  3. I am sharing this on my blog, with an excerpt and link if that's ok?

    1. Thank you! :-) I'll get to it after I do my housework lol.

  4. I love the shimmering ocean in the texture under the paint and it's really a very powerful image. Wonderful poem. Sirens deserve more exposure.

  5. Lovely evocative artwork that combined so well with your wonderful verse. I agree with Rhissanna, Sirens need much more lime light shined on them, they are an often overlooked element.

  6. I don't have any words, Gina - you have used them all.

  7. Gina, you are amazing! Very powerful and moving words! I love your creation to go along with the poem! Breath taking!!!

  8. Wow, that is a brilliant & very visual piece of imagery Gina! Just as alluring as a siren's song methinks, ohh & so want to run my hands over the shimmery goodness you have crafted.... sooooo touchable mmmmm.

  9. Ps just dropped back in, opened a bottle of bubbly and poured you a glass... Cheers ya gorgeous woman!