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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Feeling ill SUCKS!

Can't believe after all my good intentions last week...I got ANOTHER stinking cold that stopped me doing just about everything that didn't involve just going through the motions!
Then the wind hit....and totalled my greenhouse!!!

...but hubby is a star....and rebuilt/repaired it on Saturday...yay!

I did manage to get a few more cards posted off, and received a beautifully heart-warming letter from an overseas-online friend...
(did I mention while trying to rescue my greenhouse I dropped my phone in a water bucket and it wouldn't talk to my puter anymore? Hubby to the rescue AGAIN, swapped me for his :D)

So yesterday I baked buns...and today...

I AM going to ART!!!!
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. sometimes life just sucks. at least you weren't hurt by the wind - physically - and chocolate buns will always do the trick. hang in there sunshine... you da bomb anyway!!!

    hugs :)

  2. You and me both! 2 colds in a month....even after the flu's screaming cold here and I hate everything!
    Great job on the greenhouse! That's why you bake that fab food! Jogg is sprouting fast! Hugs to Jogg!
    Speaking of mail?
    Hot tea , wool socks and Naps! We both will be right as rain! The show MUST go on! xoxoxoxoDebi

  3. So sorry that you've a cold again, hope you'll feel better soon. Also sorry for your greenhouse :( Your buns look very yummy :)

  4. Gina, your hubby is a star ;o) Those buns look good ;o) I bet they were yummy! I hope nothing happened when you were doing your art! Big Hugs ;o)

  5. I hope you know I forgot about everything as soon as I got to the chocolate. I'm easily distracted by sweets. And pretty legs.