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Friday, 27 December 2013

Wow! I suck at blogging lately!

So before the hols I won a place on the new Soul Food art course, due to start December 30th. On the community page some of the teachers have left "pre-class" vids as appetisers...which I nommed my way through quite quickly. 
One of the vids was by Nolwenn Pettibois, and it inspired me to decorate the cover of the ringbinder I will store my classwork pieces in....(to keep the paintings separate, rather than as a journal)
I love "crafting", but I have so missed just getting messy with paint...I is back!

This is the reclaimed binder (I reclaimed from hubby)
I took a piece of paper I use to wipe excess paint on to and cut it to fit, before sticking in place with matt medium.
Next a layer of white gesso to add more texture...
before grabbing a selection of colours....
and randomly blocking out the page.
 I thought I'd try a more geometrical approach to my background.
Nolwenn had left some white spaces on her sample(but I got carried away), so I added smudges of white over the strong base...
as well as a few stencilled stars ....
 and doodles....
AND a little black for definition.
 Next it was time to place my figure. I loved the simplicity of the figure Nolwenn had painted, it added to the "holiness" and "spirituality" evoked by the piece.
 To add his corona I pushed paint through a draining mesh...
 I used a bit too much paint, but then it just added nummy texture to the finished piece.
I used the same gold paint to add highlights to his face and surplus...
and a circle of white dashes to better define his corona.
I love my finished piece...something totally different for me.
I am sooooooo looking forward to starting this class...and sharing more art with you all.
Midnight Mass
(inspired by Nolwenn Pettibois' Bucket of Dreams)
Catch up with you all soon 
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. As easy as 1 2 3 !!! You certainly make it appear Poof just like that....this is outstanding! Colour choices, compostition and is that gold leaf? Mystic image indeed, you have raise the bar now! I will love to watch your class work to come! Speaking of bar! ♥Debi

  2. I featured this on Sancti Spiritus Facebook, but I didn't have a title! Fab work, my friend!

    1. Aaaw thank you are such a sweetheart :D

  3. You know how they say that magicians shouldn't show others the secret of their tricks because doing so would take away the magic? Well, someone needs to tell them that they were wrong. I love seeing the steps of your creations. In fact, they become more incredible in my mind.

    Make sure you hide the binder. Or the hubby might reclaim it back. I would!

    Hugs, m'love. ;-D

  4. Its lovely Gina and yes how easy do you make it look. Just like you shook that painting out of your sleeve. Enjoy your free space in the class, it sounds like a great place to learn new things.

  5. Oh gina that's amazing and how fab to have one a place!

  6. Yes, you do suck at blogging lately, but I forgive you ;o) As long as you keep coming back, that is all I care ;o) Your picture is so cute! I love your smile ;o) Your Midnight Mass creation is fantastic! I know I already say this, but I love how you show your steps!!! Congrats on your win! Big Hugs ;o)

  7. You suck(?) then I must be king of sucks LOL, I haven't posted since Ms Wicked's party, and miss my beautiful blog community with so many inspirational babes to visit (I'm coming Oma)....
    Love The cover, truly a 'holy shit that's awesome' artwork, and I am so inspired by your art and 'soul food' info I went checked it out AND joined, hopefully a kick-butt I need to actually get more art and creativity combined with work and daily drudge, and another way to avoid cleaning house LOL! Catch ya babe, truly do love this cover and not just because I went to Christmas mass x