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Monday, 30 December 2013

Prepping is fun too...

I realised today that, one of the reasons I haven't been blogging much lately is that I spend a long time waiting for stuffs to dry!!!! so from now I will post WIP as well as finishing posts(if I remember lol)
While prepping for the Soul Food classes, I was left with lots of strips of watercolour paper that seemed a waste to throw away...
 so I painted them all...
 in sympathetic colours, with the intention of weaving them together to make a funky sub strata to paint on...
 but then I decided to stick them onto a long canvas instead.
 I let pieces overlap the sides randomly...
 and turned a section the other way...just cos I could.
 Now this is just building up layers to work on at a later date, so dribbling paint felt like a good idea too.
 I know it seems a bit messy now(I like to call it "organic"), but who knows what it will inspire?
 Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Organic Petulance! my favorite form! Nicely done! Do Carry On! xoxoDebi

  2. Love the excitement of a new freshly textured canvas!

  3. I LOVE the "organic" look. And I can't wait to see what wonder comes out of this already magnificent yumminess. You know how I love the process!

  4. Love your thought processes and where your inspiration leads you.
    Wishing you a wonderfully creative new year filled with love, peace, health and happiness.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  5. What a cool beginning! I so relate to not wasting and have a basket full of scraps that I use in my creations.

    Merry creating!

  6. Gina, you are a wild, inspiring girl! I love you and I love this! Happy New Year ;o)