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Friday, 21 March 2014

Forget- Me- Not.....Aaaahahahahahaha.......

Time to join Oma Linda as she celebrates 75 years of "The Wizard of Oz".
I have really enjoyed making my celebration piece this year, so may I present 
Elphaba...aka The Wicked Witch of the West, a very green Goddess lol
I think I may have been a bard in a past life lol, as I can not pass up the opportunity to add a little ditty to go with this give in memory of the Wickedest Witch of them all I give you....

Forget me? NOT!

My sister's treasures, red and sweet
Sit now upon YOUR stinky feet!
I cackled gladly as you'd fail,
With "Bag of Straw", "Fur Rug" and "Pail".

My Minions screeching as you fled
With nightmares swirling in your head.
I hated you with passions deep.
Stood over you while you did sleep.

You screamed fake sorrow at my cries,
As I melted right before your eyes.
Forget me not my "Pretty" one....
I may be dead.....but never gone!

I followed the basic  body pattern in Fiona McDonald's "Knitted Fairies" book and winged it :D
(I just LOVE creators who encourage imagination in others!)

 and tried to recreate her original costume from THE film :D
She is 15 inches in length (not including hat)
And I am giving her away!!!!
To be in with a chance to win this one of a kind, hand knitted creation (lol...sounds soooo professional)
all you need to do is leave "I'll get you my pretty!" in the comments section.

(I should also say she would not be suitable for very small children as she has a dowel spine, felt features and stringy bits)

Hope you will have time to pop over and cheer Oma on ...and maybe even join in with your favourite colour from the Land of Oz...mine is Green...did you guess lol
And being an impatient mare...I will draw a name and announce the winner on the evening of Monday 24th.


  1. "I will get YOU! my pretty! 7:00am and I run to my iPad!
    I love your creation and the special bonus of another
    wonderful poem! Oh you have begun my day giddy as a 4 year old! Cheers! 75th Anniversary celebration! Of the best tale of them all!!! xoxoDebii

  2. I will get you my pretty.! Of course it's rude of me as the host to join in the giveaway but pffffthhhhhhh,Elphaba is fabulous, how could I not.
    And speaking of fabulousness......Gina you are just that and more. I love, love, love your poem. Of course she is not gone and you stated it so beautifully. Thank you so much for being a member of the Oziness crew. Hues to you darling, Oma Linda

  3. "I'll get you my pretty"!! YES! Elphaba is my favorite!

  4. "I'll get you my pretty!" and love to get her I would.
    Your "little ditty" is in fine bard fashion and made me smile.

  5. What a cute wicked witch! Green and black is one of my favorite color combinations and your hues are spot on! Great Oz Contribution.


  6. "I'll get you my pretty!" Green is SO her color!

  7. What a great Wicked Witch! Thank you for such a fun celebration. I always love to see your art!

  8. "I'll get you my pretty!" I so so love her!

  9. Gina, I have no idea what I love most, the wicked dolly or her poetic words! This is awesome. I'm in total lust with lines 3 and 4--brilliant!

    I might do a mad, wicked, luck dance to see if my name is the one you pull out of the hat!

    Happy Hues of Oz. I love your colors!

  10. My favorite character from the Wizard of Oz! Love it!
    "I'll get you my pretty!"

  11. "I'll get you my pretty!" I love the poem. It goes so well with such a lovely creation... and in green too!

  12. What a great post and a fabulous creation! "I'll get you my pretty!" I love the words they made me laugh out loud, or maybe it was a cackle since I startled my sleeping cat LOL. Thanks for such a great post. I am so glad I stopped by.

  13. "I'll get you my pretty!" and I would love too as well BUT even if I didnt what a great creation and I love the poem!

  14. I'll get you my pretty! And pretty you are! Your 'ditty' is wonderful too, and if I were Dorothy I'd be a little bit worried right now!

  15. "I'll get you my Pretty!" Just an awesome doll :)

  16. I enjoyed reading your poem, it was great!
    Your knitted witch is fantastic! Lovely clothes too.
    "I'll get you my pretty!" and your little dog too! replied the witch! Ha! She was a mean one!
    Yes, if you win in my giveaway I will be happy to ship international...what are friends for anyway! Yes!
    Teresa in California

  17. FANTASTIC... I love-love-love your witch.

  18. Gina! She is so wicked! I LOVE HER!!! Sorry to yell, but I really do! LOL! "I'll Get You My Pretty" ;o) Hugs ;o)
    The poem was fantastic! ;o)

  19. You are f-ing awesome Gina, not only did you help me sneak into Oma's party by wedging that window open, I managed to hide under the table at one point and steal a pair of sparkly combat boots (guessing they were Magaly's) but shoved a couple of sausages (for later Incase I got hungry) down my wiggle dress, at one point having to rearrange them as I looked like a tranvestite at mardi gras highlighting his finer points (dam that eyeliner mishap and shoulda plucked the chin airs too... Any way "I'll get you my pretty" next time, and you, Incase you didn't know, have created the most bodacious green witch this side of the rainbow :) hugs and sloppies on both cheeks (facial of course) xoxo

  20. Crappola, the poem too, like fan-f-ing-tas-tic!!! He he sox couldn't fly off without letting you know!

  21. I'll get you my pretty! She is adorable and so well crafted. I popped by from The Hues of Oz ~

    1. I saw your post Tami...loved it, but couldn't leave a comment <3

  22. "I'll Get you my Pretty"!!! Ouuuuu, The Witch Sisters are Jealous of your BEAUTY!!! Your Elphaba is STRIKING and your poetry is FABULOUS!!!! Heck we think you're a BARD in THis life!

  23. Such a gorgeous wicked witch! I'll get you my pretty :) absolutely. So many details to look at. Oooh.. I love the wizard of Oz :) Count me in to the giveaway!
    Blessings -Niina

  24. Because you wrote a little ditty,
    I'm here to say
    "I'll get you, my pretty!"

    1. You will be going in the draw twice for that awesome wittiness!

  25. I'll get you my pretty, and your little doll too! (If I'm lucky. ;)
    I love her and your poem. Thank you for sharing!

  26. DRAW pretties!