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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Meanwhile...back in class...

Lesson 17 for Soul Food was by Ayala Arts and included a texturing technique using gel medium and cling wrap.
Had to have another re-purposed a small canvas to produce this vintage look portrait :D

Am finding some of my older canvases a tad in "lacking texture"
 So instead of hoarding, I am re using them to create background base layers for other works...

 The dark background adds depth automatically to anything you paint over it...

 and a thin layer of colour will blend it nicely.

A few highlights before the glaze goes on...

 Gloss gel + clingwrap =...

more depth of colour...

and an old cracked glass effect.

an added bonus was that the cling wrap pulled a few flakes of paint off, revealing the dark base layer, which added even more to the "ageing" of the image.
A real fun technique...thank you Ayala :D
Enjoy XXX


  1. Your On Fire! Beautiful, vintage portrait , I love the rich hues! Amazing effect indeed***

  2. this looks like so much fun. one day perhaps I will make time to get back to painting, but in the mean time...I'll enjoy your adventures and lovely results. Oma Linda

  3. This is so cool Gina! Love this! I have to try!!!

  4. Love this Gina - the recycling, the great background, gorgeous painted image and brilliant technique xx

  5. I kept on going up and down, up and down... to see, again and again, your process of creation. I'm impressed every time. I love her headscarf, her expression, and the set of her lips and chin... there is something whimsical about her face.

  6. I love it. It is amazing how the cling wrap can add such a different affect.

  7. Gorgeous, that's a fantastic project.