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Friday, 28 March 2014

She's such a doll!!

Last week I gave away a wickedy witch doll of OZ
..and this week "Morag" arrived in her new home in AUS lol
I am really enjoying making dolls at the moment.
 2 of the Soul Food classes involved doll making in differing techniques.
Lesson 19 with Mystele Kirkeeng involved making a folk art doll from clay...
 I added a motto on her back,,,and a fellow student loved her so much she flew to Arizona to make her happy :D
 Lesson 21 with Susana Tavares was making a painted cloth doll, including painting the fabric design for her dress....
 and though lesson 24 with Aimee Wheaton wasn't technically a doll, it involved layers of fabric and fibres, and a beautiful face :D 
(yes Stef...loads of glitter on her dress)

For the sake of balance I better share some masculine items next time :D
Enjoy ::D XXX


  1. Morag is stunning! Beautiful Art pieces , I hope you are considering a cottage shop? Especially since our dollar is going in the crapper!!
    Lesson 21 &. 24! WOW! and admire your folk doll...
    You are an inspiration Duchy! xoxoDebi

  2. Gina, you always amaze me!!! Your heart comes out in every piece you create! Big Hugs ;o)

  3. I love them all, Gina, but the last lady made my heart skip more than a few beats. Wow! She's stunning!!!

  4. Ohh, Gina! Gorgeous dolls and the mixed media piece is stunning.

  5. Nice dolls. They are stunning.