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Friday, 4 April 2014

"Spring is sprung..the Grass is ris...I wonder where the birdies is?"

Today I am sharing some of the "Birdie" art I have been making for Soul Food...and they are all on pieces of wood...I like working on comes already textured lol
 Lesson 22 with Jennifer DeDonato
 I love how the wood grain shows through the paper layers...
the mottoes read
"The First Morning"...."The Time of Waiting"..."The Country Bird Comes to Town",
all chapter headings torn from an old paperback book :D
 Next up is Lesson 25 with Heather Santos.
This one incorporates the lyrics to an old folk song I love
"It's a bright sun a-shining, and the Lark is on the wing..."
 While I added my own words to this cutie Hootie for Lesson 26 with Melanie Underwood...
"When I am in my garden...I don't give two hoots!"
 Actually just realised he is on canvas lol
 Am getting to quite enjoy "whimsical" art, not something I do very often.
 And my latest gift has arrived at his new home...
This is Lenny, a Sea Sprite/beach comber dude that has gone to live with my friend Jeanette
Making surprise pressies really stifles your blogging lol, terrified of forgetting and sharing too soon.
Hope your all enjoying your chosen talent this Spring...yes it is Spring...I have 3 ponds full of frog spawn and tadpoles already :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Remember, you Kiss frogs , don't Lick Them!
    Wonderfully Whimsical Art! I especially admire your flirty Owl! You are kicking Soul Food Art Classes Butt!
    Oh Lenny, handsome naughty dude! will spread your joy!! xoDebi

  2. Oh loving the art and the knitted doll too - wonderful stuff! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. Gina, loving all these pieces! Everything you create is amazing! Your soul shines through it all! Your ponds are full of excitement ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  4. That little singing bird made my day, Gina! I LOVE the expression on its face; what a beauty. I won't say anything about the Sea Sprite... I'm afraid my envy might blur the words. *cough*

  5. So fantastic, cannot decide which of your pieces I like best. All of them are GREAT.

  6. Nice birdies. They are starting to chirp here as the weather is slightly warmer.

  7. Your birds are FANTASTIC. So much character! And Lenny - what can I say ... 'WANT'! hugs, Donna