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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Major league "catch-up"

So...the best way to do this is lots of pics and short sentences right?
It is Easter break here so family all home through the day wanting attention Blah!(my arting time)
The sun came out for a few days and the garden went "HELLO!!!!"
 Honesty (one of my fave wildflowers)
 Cherry blosson(edible variety)
 Our Camellia flowered!!! (usually the buds rot with the wet) 
and my Ceanothus is in full bloom outside my front door (normally I cut it back as my tall folks complain, but this year I thought "bog off" I wants my cascade!!!)
Even less time to myself as my lovely quiet Meg has lost a lot of strength in her back legs. For a week she just lay down (still can't get up unaided) I was breaking my back holding her while she went out to the toilet and got a bit of fresh air...til I had the idea of making this "doggy bag". Much easier to help her now, and she is much more confident, even trying to run bless her :D

Now to "ART"
Some of my creations a la Soul Food classes....

Class 29 Street art with Pascale Hutt....
Class 30 decoupage/mixed media and modelling paste to decorate a wooden box with Shonna Bucaroff
Class 32  "not so pretty"with MitsiB
and class 33 "After a spring shower" mixed media/glass bead gel with Chris Cozen. latest and funkiest faerie "FAY"

So I am still around....oooow....and a friend had a great idea to get started in art journalling, and asked me to join her as an incentive (she knows I is an art addict). She found some kids doodle books in a bargain bin...usually £10 down to £3, bought us 1 each, and we are randomly selecting pages to work in. It is surprising how inspiring the simple instructions can be(especially if you have a warped sense of the world like I are my first 2 pages lol
 This is an A4 book with LOADS of pages and room to doodle and journal :D
She is going to freak when she sees what I've done :D
I may be a bit hit and miss at the moment, but I am still around.
Love you all....
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Really - such great stuff happening in your life, even if you don't have 100% of your time arting. Nice to have family around (once in awhile) :o). Your flowers are glorious - thank goodness it's spring! Love the fact 2 of you are art journaling together - I'm sure your friend will be so inspired she will become addicted like the rest of us. Love your pages. Rock on, Gina. hugs, Donna

  2. Lots of wonderful art Gina, love your class pieces. Thank goodness Spring has sprung, we need some warmer, dryer days and your flower photos are gorgeous. Take care xx

  3. The buds didn't rot because I'm doing all the rotting here: pure jealousy! I WANTS cascades, too! My pepper plant has two tiny peppers, does that count? Nothing is blooming around here yet. We had a frost less than a week ago. I'm hopping to be able to take my pots outside in a few days. Yes, potted garden; laugh.

    I see why you haven't been blogging, the painting is glorious and plentiful. As it should be.

    P.S. It was sooo good to hear you, today. Um... yesterday.

    1. Has any one ever told you that even your voice smiles :D

  4. Oh lovely to see a post from you, loving the garden flowers, we used to have a ceonathus when we lived in Stafford and I adored it! Not only evergreen but an abundance of blue flowers - bliss! Hope your doggy is coping bless, love how you've helped her out! Also loving the colouring book - fab idea! Sun shining today over Yorkshire, hope you are enjoying the blue skies!

  5. the ONLY flowers i have outside are fake. yep. F-A-K-E. had to spruce up the pots for my open house. did it do any good? probably not because no one's put a bid on the house. but the pots sure look nice!

    you're an artist. even in the garden!

    hugs :)

  6. I want to be your garden gnome,! Then play with all your gorgeousness Art! while you sleep....
    Epiphany is nursing me back from the plague, and keeping me company now that my son is off falling down yet another rabbit hole....
    Quiet here, I am so happy for my new friend! xoxoDebi

  7. Wow. Looks like you've been busy. Between life and art. Thanks for sharing the great pics.

  8. Three times wow, your creations are breathtaking. I especially love FAY.

  9. Gina, so good to see you! Where should I start? I hope your puppy will be ok ;o) Smart idea for helping him out ;o) I love your garden pictures ;o) I was just able to get into our back yard a couple of days ago. We are like a month behind for everything! Your art is amazing, as always! Your faerie doll is so Special ;o)
    BIG HUGS ;o) xooxxo

  10. Your poor puppy. I'm sending positive energy to her and wishing her well. And your artwork is crazy awesome. I love how diverse it is. :)