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Thursday, 24 April 2014

A lesson in patience......naaaaaaaah!

Just after my birthday I was gushing about getting a cute little summerhouse/cabin for my may have wondered why I haven't shown it yet.
This is the pic I took at the time...all excited and "squeeeeeey"....

 And this is what mine looked like after we put it together...
 While we were building it(during a major storm)...hubby kept asking if all the bits had arrived.
Well yes they had. So after several weeks of emails and waiting for phone calls, the mystery was solved. The sales staff had typed in the wrong code(newly opened store), but they did sell the cabin and would happily swap for no extra cost(the one I wanted was £50 dearer)
BUT...I am impatient...and had built and butchered the original to make it into the single door building I wanted. "Oh...." said the nice man at the store..."what can we do to make you feel better about all this?"
They gave me some money back AND a plastic tool shed for the bottom of the garden....£110 in total.
 Now my little shed is becoming quite cosy....
 with 2 new comfy chairs and a small table...
 Hubby has started adding shelves and hanging lanterns...
AND the view is gorgeous!
Hubby sits out there to clear his head and plan his day...I just sit and smile :D
I may like the look of the "cabin" better, but the bigger windows give a much better view.
What is meant to be will be :D
Enjoy XXX


  1. You are correct! and easier to clean! ( sats the scullery maid) but you need twinkle lights! White tiny ones!
    oh and a cooler please! xoxoDebi

  2. Glad it all came right for you. My little summer house is where I craft. Youl love being in yours x

  3. Now I want to find a way to build a summer cabin in my garden. Okay, so I don't have any space. Maybe the Little Princess and I can set up a tent and send you pictures of the New York City skyline from our apartment. Hey, we all have to dream accordingly.

    LOVE your garden palace!

  4. You will receive so much enjoyment from your little hide-away! Looks delicious - I want one! hugs, Donna

  5. Love, Love, your little cabin ;o) You know, I like the bigger windows! I agree, nice and open for you to enjoy everything ;o) It all worked out for the best ;o) Your garden spot is beautiful ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Oh Gina, this is GORGEOUS!!!! My Big F has been building a studio/shed, it's small (or do I say 'cosy' LOL) and he said we should put in a mattress (it would take up most the floor space) and not sure what he has planned for power, but he has made it all from driftwood, it is quite rustic, but cute. I love your big window view & you even got EXTRAS!!! You guys did a great job :)

  7. Looks wonderful and you got a great deal for it. :)

  8. Neat. It looks like a great place to sit and hang out.

  9. Love the little house euither way. I love the whole little house movement and yours is a real treat. You could always ginger-bread cottage it later, as you find bit. then it will have a whole history. I'd turn my pump house into one of these, except that it has black widow spiders in it. I know black widows are all sexy and witchy, but not hidden in the pretty cushions!