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Thursday, 8 May 2014

We definitely have too many school breaks in Spring!

2 weeks off at end of April...back at school for 1 week then a long weekend for May Day + a day off for Teacher training! ...and all while sitting mocks and practice exams....I think they need some serious rationalisation of school breaks.
Rant over
Any hoo.... I have been busy working on my Soul Food classes, and enjoying every one of them.
 Class 34 - painting on collaged fabric with Patti Ballard
 Class 35 - Transparent layering with Mystele Kirkeeng
 Lesson 36 - Old albums into art with Jaqcui Fehl...
and just because I don't do enough art lol...I joined a new monthly challenge called 
This is my WIP of a sunset with chalk pastels for this months challenge.

Of course I have also been out in the garden while the sun was shining *emphasis on WAS*
 All my fruit trees are in blossom...including the holly bushes :D

So I am a fairly happy bunny right now...Oh, and Jogg survived hibernation and has started grumbling lol
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Jogg and I could be grumbling pals! Why am I attracted to your sparkling Holly? I'm so intreged by this shrub?
    Just beautiful! Of course blossoms know they are gorgeous!
    Your Artistic Expression is on Fire! use carefully!
    My muse and I are watching the birds looking for housing materials!
    Hugs over the Pond! xoDebi

  2. Looks like you are having loads of fun! Great projects. It's pouring rain here today - very unheard of. Times they are'a changin'. hugs, Donna

  3. Your creations are wonderful, I especially love the result from class 34.

  4. I love the gorgeous lips in the second picture. They look juicy. And I'm always jealous of your flowers. *sigh*

    Oh, don't let your kid hear you say that he gets too much time off!

  5. Gorgeous art as always - love it!

  6. Fabulous art! Looks like an amazing and versatile class.:)

  7. Your new art is amazing girl! Your brain must never shut down! ;o)
    Love your garden pictures!! Our things are just starting to bloom! We are so behind!
    I have tried to grow holly bushes, but had no luck ;o( I will enjoy yours ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

  8. Nice paintings. They are all filled with such amazing details.

  9. Lots of holidays here in Italy, too. Ehehe!!
    Love your latest works. Especially Class #34. ♥

  10. I love the sunset, lovely work! Thank you for hopping over to my doll blog and signing up for Oliver!