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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Catching up with class...

Haven't shared (or done) much of my class work while I've been doll making. Didn't seem like a good idea to get all painty lol
So this weekend I have decided to get stuck in, and have combined 2 classes for this project(as yet unfinished)
 One of the classes involved creating a hanging lantern from corrugated card, but I had this old lamp shade waiting for a revamp...
 Lesson 43 with Heather Santos was about making your own I made these from make-up sponges and cardboard...
 and used them to decorate the lamp shade.(yes I used shiny gold and silver paint)
 For lesson 45 with Mystele I needed a piece of quilted fabric. I didn't have any, but I do have a felting machine and a bag of scraps from my doll making....
 I made my own fabric and randomly over-stitched to add texture.
The point of the class was to make a fabric figure to "fly" around the night sky...I still have to poke holes and add dangly bits. Should be quite cool when finished :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Beautiful, Gina! I love the figure you created. The class sounds like so much fun.

  2. "poke holes and add dangly bits" that sounds like a story waiting to happen.

  3. Seriously fabulous!!!

    "I still have to poke holes and add dangly bits." This made me laugh out loud! ;D

  4. Wow! What gorgeous, creative crafts! Very inspiring!

  5. Everything is so gorgeous! Love it when we can use what we have already. LOVE the doll. xoDonna

  6. Wow to both the lamp shade (Stamps from make up sponges? Genius!) and the magical flying figure. I love her face, and I love, love the stitched texture on your hand-made fabric. Really lovely!