Saturday, 5 July 2014

Birthday gift and showing off...

A few days ago the lovely Holly of Holly's Horrorland asked if I would like to be featured on her blog as part of her "Dolls Month" project...
So HERE I is :D
Whilst chatting with Holly she mentioned it will be her birthday on the day of the Mad Tea Party...sooooo....
I just had to make her a present right?
Meet Bat Girly

 Holly loves anything Halloweeny..and Lime green
 and cute but creepy...
 and bats....
 *I love her bat ears and wrinkled nose*
For a  Goth chick like her a high collared cape is a "must".
 While her hair is as wild as the wind itself.
I hope Holly gets as much pleasure from her company as I have :D XXX



  1. Eeeeeeep!!! Bat Girly is brilliant, Gina! I know Holly will be over the moon! You are an utter sweetie-pie to create such a lovely gift for our lovely Holly! ❤

  2. Oh she's gorgeous, I'm sure Holly will love her!

    Have a perfect weekend :)

  3. How wonderful is your creation? All the way up to fabulous. You are so generous, talented and I must say enviable as well. Congrats to the maker and the giftee.

  4. I love watching your skill evolve! Holly is sure to adore her "Bat Girl". xoDebi

  5. I just shrieked! Which wouldn't be such a huge deal if it wasn't past 1am here. *cough* I'm blaming it all on the Irish pub across the street from me. They've been celebrating the 4th of July for three days.

    I'm so happy for Holly. This is a beauty!

  6. Her dress is so cool! And her cape! Jealous! Lol! She is so cute!

  7. She's WONDERFUL, Gina. .... so creative! xoDonna

  8. Bat Girly is PERFECT! I'll cherish her.
    Thank you so much, my sweet friend! ❤

  9. How Fabulous! :)
    xoxo Sioux

  10. I'm doing my happy dance and the doll isn't even mine! LOL! So wickedly cool Gina! ;o)

  11. Oh my, she's absolutely stunning!