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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Was never much good at procrastination...

Quick personal post...
So you all know I had to let my lovely Meg go a couple of months back...
and I said I wasn't ever going to have another dog...
Well I sort of felt like I should be paying it back to the canine community for all the happy moments I've had in my life with my doggy friends.
I decided we should offer assistance to old dogs that through no fault of theirs no longer have a permanent home.
I couldn't help thinking how awful it must be for a dog that has been a family pet for years to not have that security any more.
FB friends lead me to a site called the"Oldies Club"
I am in the midst of registering with them to see if I can offer a suitable home for ageing or infirm dogs.
If your thinking of getting a dog. Please consider a rescue or fostered animal before taking on a new puppy. They still have much love to give.

Enjoy :D XXX  


  1. That sounds really lovely! I saw a post the other day about an elderly dog whose owner died and now she needed a new home, and it made me very sad. I wish I could take in homeless dogs that need a home, I can't wait to own my own place so I can rescue a couple!

  2. We adopted an older dog a little over 3 years ago - her owner had died and no one took her in. She's a funky pure breed Boston Terrier who my daughter calls the "cranky diva". It suits her - she is very lively and she does make me laugh. Can't imagine her ending up in a doggie shelter!

  3. What a wonderful thing to do! I have this little daydream that if I won the lottery, I would create a lovely home for cats and dogs whose owners may have died or become to elderly to care for them. The animals could live out their days in comfort, and loving owners would know that their pets were being well-cared for after they were gone.

  4. Ah bless you - you are an amazing soul!

  5. Sounds like a great idea. Good luck!

  6. Gina, this is so beautiful and special! Big Hugs and all the best ;o)

  7. And here is a post that explains whey you've stolen such a huge piece of my heart. I have always adopted rescues. My Attila was the last member of a family of Staffordshire Bull Terrier some idiot had decided he wanted to fight for money. The mom didn't make it, neither did his brothers. But Attila has a warrior heart. And he is the best baby ever. If I ever live in a place where I can invite another furry babe into our home, it will be an oldie. That's a promise!