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Monday, 4 August 2014

An hour of inconvenience?

100 years ago today, the World stood at the brink of War.
A generation of men(and boys) stepped up to "Do their duty".
One was my Grandfather Henry(known as Harry) Brown
We are lucky to have this picture of is the only one we have, and has been on display in our home since his wife died in the 1970's.
None of his children wanted it. He had been an angry and aggressive father, who had a cruel sense of "teaching lessons" in life.
Yet our mother insisted on keeping the photo. Our Dad (his 3rd son) would get angry when talking about him, yet on other occasions would say how our Grandad would have loved us so much. and told us how, when the first black man came to teach at the local school no one would give him lodgings, but our Grandad took him in without hesitation.(must find out the photo of that gentleman)

We also have a box of medals...some Grandad's some his eldest sons from WW2..

 But these treasures have never been hidden away...
which is how I got the information I needed to search for his records.
 Each medal is engraved with his name regiment and regimental number...
 on the round medals it is engraved around the edge...
Poignantly, the words read "The Great War for Civilisation"....I wonder what they would think of "civilisation" right now? 
Even with this information it took me many hours scrying through records..I must have read over a thousand pages before finding him...H Brown is a very common title, and his notes had been mixed in and filed under a different H Brown. Hopefully your search will be easier.
 Tonight from 10pm til 11pm The Royal British Legion are asking that we take an hour to contemplate and remember the moment that these men knew they would be going to War. They are asking for a "Lights Out" period, where we light a single candle instead. I will be doing this tonight.

Our Grandad actually signed up on 28th August 1914 at 19years of age.
 He survived in the field until June 1918, when a "severe head wound" hospitalised him. He was given time to recover before being sent back in November...He was hospitalised again with "Bronchitis" almost immediately, but finished the War back in the field(as best as I can tell from the records)
He may have survived physically, but who can tell how much of his "anger" was carried from those fields?

We all take time to remember on November 11th, but I have made a point of remembering all year round...

"Lest We Forget"

(photo of the fields our Grandad/Dad/selves grew up walking in,taking by my brother Carl Brown)

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  1. Beautiful words and great treasures of memories to hold on to Gina. We won't ever know what horrors those who went through the Great War saw or felt, that some came back whole in body but with changed personalities is understandable. We didn't walk in their footsteps or see through their eyes, but we can remember them now.

  2. Oh goodness, what a wonderful telling of a family history. It is so wonderful to have knowledge of a past even if it is not perfect, but then what is? I am fortunate to have an aunt who did a family tree on my father's side but I am very interested in doing one on my mom's side. Good luck with your continued search and thank you so much for sharing this with us. Oma Linda

  3. A good read, Gina. Thank you.

  4. A dark sense of humor and a sense for the darker things in life will keep a mind during times of war... and after the war is over for everyone else, but the ones who fought it with blood, sweet and tears.

    It was nice to read about your Granda's. I bet he's someone jabbing someone in the ribs with an elbow, and saying, "Told you it wouldn't be for nothing."

    Good souls perish and change during war... good souls remember them. ♥

  5. Thank you for letting us know about your family history hun, it reminds us of the impact of war and the ripples through life and lives after the war that still stir conversations in our memory! Hugs

  6. You've done a lot of research, Gina and found many treasures. They will be valued more by others as time goes on and new generations appear Thank you for sharing - always find ancestry to very interesting. xoDonna

  7. Humans haven't learnt a DAM thing ! and GrandDad would be on fire with rage !
    Your treasures are precious and this story must be told and told! The boys and gals where so very young and filled with such courage!
    Lest We Forget! That can not be drilled home LOUD enough.xoxo

  8. Wow. You have a lot of keepsakes to remember him by. I am very impressed. He sounds like a wonderful person.

  9. Beautiful words my friend!
    Thanks for sharing your Grand-dad with us ;o)